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FET 2ww and red bumpy itchy body


Hi Ladies, I am 9 days into my fet transfer, test day is Saturday. For the past 4 days I have broke out in red blotchy itchy spots (looks like hives) all over my body (stomach, back, legs and arms). I text my fertility dr who said to take antihistermine which I am doing but it really flares up at night with itching and soreness. Has anybody experienced this before? What did you do to help it? I am on 75mg of lubion progesterone injections a day and 2 vaginal cyclogest pessaries a day and also claxine injections. Getting worried as not sure why its happening. Any advice please?x

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So sorry I can't help. But maybe take it as a good sign that something is happening? I would phone your clinic in the morning and ask them about it. I hope it subsides soon and that you get your bfp and bouncing baby. Xx

cryst4l in reply to Camillage

Thanks Camillage. Clinic told me to speak to dr who said take antihistermines. You go around in circles with these clinics and drs🤔hopefully it subsides soon. Thank you for your well wishes. Xx

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