So I had my FET at 11am this morning. Everything went perfectly, first blastocyst embryo thawed perfectly and was transfered with no hiccups at all. Test day is 24th!

After so many hurdles throughout our journey we are absolutely thrilled that all has gone to plan with our FET so far. Now hoping to get through the next 11 days the same way :-)

Good luck to everyone TTC xx

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  • Great news!! My last FET was the same, it all seemed really relaxed and straightforward: no defrosting issues, no transfer issues.. I got my BFP so I hope the same goes for you too!! xx

    p.s. I decided to hold out to official test day and not do any tests before. I actually made me hubby hide all of the tests. I found this less stressful than previously when I caved and started testing early. It takes some willpower but I do think its the best way!

  • Thank you Katrina13 :-)

    This is my first ever transfer as I had a 'freeze all' after my EC. I am anxious but extremely excited too.

    I agree with your comment about test day, I have seen so many ladies disheartened with early tests so I refuse to let myself do that. I'll just have to try and keep busy for the next 11 days lol.

    Congratulations on your BFP xx

  • Yeah keeping busy is definitely the way to go. I banned myself from googling symptoms as well, which I also found less stressful. In the end though you'll get by the way that suits you! Fingers crossed for you.

  • Thank you x

  • Sounds really good, well done you. Now you can think of some nice things that make you happy to do in your 11 days.

  • Thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing friends and getting some time to relax to be fair! Xx

  • Great news, I'm on day 8 of my 2ww. Good luck :) Xx

  • Good luck with yr 2ww and I hope you get yr positive. Stay calm during this time. It's soooo hard not to symptom spot. You do get twinges and stabs etc. Apparently it's all normal and implantation / bedding in twitches. I posted a few posts on here during my 2ww last Oct cos I was worried but everyone was so calming and nice and it is common to get feelings like. But also other ladies said they didn't get many stabs. Everyone is so different. I have my FET (our second attempt) in march so excited now!

    Take care and look after yourself and Chill!! Xx

  • Exciting that all is going to plan....good luck x

  • Ah brilliant news. Some great advice too. Definitely do not test until test day AND if you get bfp do not test after this as results can be misleading as they were with me ( I serial tested after bfp and thought something was wrong but everything was fine). As above, don't worry if you do or don't get any twinges. I got a few bit nothing major and everything was fine xxxx

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