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ED Cycle - help!

Hi gang, hope everyone is well?!

Just need advice & reassurance really.

We’re in the throes of our treatment with an donor, who is doing egg share.

I’ve been taking my Buserelin since the 25th April, and have been taking the Progynova since the 9th May.

The scans I’ve had have shown my lining to have grown to 7mm, which is spot on.

My donor had a scan last Thursday (17th) Then one on Saturday 20th and another one today.

I’ve had an update from the clinic today saying she’s back there on Friday for another scan, but they’re not really going into details about it. I guess it’s for data protection?

But originally we were told collection would be week commencing 21st and transfer around week commencing 28th.

I asked them earlier if she’s ok with the medication, is she not responding well? They just said they’d know more on Friday and give me an update then.

Obviously we’re so very thankful what she’s doing, but at the minute I’m going out of my mind as to what’s happening.

I’ve not had the experience of going through this personally (Bloody early menopause!) So have only a basic idea from the clinc, my own research & what friends have done as to the stage she’s at.

Can anyone put my mind at rest? Thanks in advance xx

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The rate at which the follicles respond to the medication varies from women to women so they have to keep doing scans until they see the follicles are the right size and sometimes they adjust the meds. So it doesnt always work to the initial timeframe but it's pretty normal and I wouldn't be concerned. Because you're doing an artificial cycle using the pregnova, it doesn't matter if the timeframe is pushed out by a few days or a week. I hope they give you some good info on Friday so you know what's going on! Good luck xx

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Hi :)

Obviously I don't know what situation your donor is in, but when my wife donated, the clinic were really worried about OHSS, so they took things really slowly with the stimulation medication to keep her safe, and the whole process took a lot longer than they initially expected. Each time she went in for a scan & bloods, they said they would have to wait and see what the next scan & bloods said before they could make a decision on egg collection dates etc etc. Your donor may well be going through the same horrible process as you of waiting for each appointment, only to be told she has to wait for the next one and so on. In the end my wife's collection date was moved about 4 times until they were sure it was the safest time for her health, with the best chance of lots of eggs.

Hope that's a little helpful. Sending lots of positive energy your way x

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The diffculty the clinic has is if she hadnt had a cycle before they have to almost guesstimate what dose she will respond to in order to produce follicles and they tend to err on the side of caution as if they over stimulate her then she can become seriously ill with OHSS. Once they monitor her with scans then they may decide to up the dose and reassess so they can get the best results for you both. I know its frustrating not knowing but hang on in there!xx

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Thank you everyone.

That has all really helped.

Not being in a cycle myself has left me a bit kinda left out?

But what you've all said makes perfect sence.

Thank you xx


Oh of course that must be really hard, not getting all the information. All the waiting is such a challenge, at every stage. Keep positive, keep battling on, and take care of yourself Xx

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