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Need some help

Last month 11 days before my period I had spotting very very light pink and very brown only when I wipe . I didn’t know what to think first because only I ever had spotting was 2016 when we had ivf when we was on 2ww on day 6 . After find out I’m pregnant we knew that probably was implantation . My baby girl gonna be 1 old next week . We thinking to use us Frozen embryo soon . But the strange think is that my period is coming this month on 11 and last week I had the same thing very very light pink spotting and very little brown only when I wipe . I don’t know what to think ? Is something I should worry about ? I even went to doctor and she didn’t know either why is that . Please ladies is any of u had something like that ?xx

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Hello Olivia1980.

Welcome back! And congrats on having your little girl 💖

This may sound like a really stupid question ( apologies) but have you taken a pregnancy test? xoxo


Hello Jess thank u . No I didn’t take the pregnancy test I wasn’t thinking of that . 2morrow I’m gonna buy it . Thank u Jess. How r u ? Xx

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I would in case they want to rule out pregnancy 😊 it doesn’t sound like a period to me. Keep my fingers crossed for you 🤞🏻if it isn’t that then it needs to be properly investigated; any bleeding outside the menstrual cycle needs a full medical evaluation. I used to get it frequently mine was caused by endometriosis but since my surgeries it’s much better.

I’m ok thank on my first 2ww since my second laparoscopy ( my endometriosis returned after my miscarriage 🤦🏽‍♀️) hoping to have success again with a better outcome 😁xoxo

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Hi Hun done test 2day but is negative so there must be something ales. I request 3 months early smear test so I got appointment on 19 may. We thinking soon to go through FET so I done last week blood test for prolactin plus Clinik want up to date smear test too. We receive form which we need to filled in and then make a appointment for consultation what to do ...to use what we have or to go for fresh cycle. Well I still got some baby weight to loose which I’m working on it ☺️ Thank u my baby girl is my everything my world and all what we went through is worth it . Hun I’m sorry that u went through so much and your miscarriage 😔😔 really sorry 😔😔 U will have better outcome Hun I believe from bottom of my heart . So what is your next step now ?xoxo xx


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