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Painful Periods 😢

This is my first cycle where I’ve made all the dietary changes recommended by the nutritionist we’ve been seeing, taking supplements and was a bit over optimistic that it would help with my hormonal and period issues.

Cycle lasted 28 days which is a step in the right direction, my cycle was ranging anywhere from 23-27 days

My flow isn’t any lighter and the pain from cramp hasn’t lessened, I’ve had painful periods for just about as long as I’ve been having them, the pain can be so bad I tremble, they make my physically sick and I’ve passed out from the pain, had a laparoscopy in 2016 and the consultant said everything was fine, no sign of endometriosis but didn’t do anything else to help explain why my periods are so painful.

Has anyone else experiencing painful periods? I’m going to go back to my GP as I’m really struggling, it’s bad enough knowing another month has passed where I haven’t gotten pregnant, I’m at the point where if I can’t get any help with just even a little relief, I want to go on the pill until we decide to go ahead with the next IVF attempt 😢

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Sounds awful :( I have painful periods but luckily they are very short lived. I can offer you no advice, only empathy xxxx


Sounds like you are having a tough time. I used to get really painful periods that made me physically sick- if I took high dose ibuprofen or mefenamic acid as soon as I started bleeding then it would stop it. They work at interrupting the prostaglandin pathway which is causing the sickness and pain (the same hormone that causes contractions in labour!). Apologies if you have already tried that and it doesn’t touch it. After I was on the pill, it stopped and did not come back. Xx


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