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Non alcoholic koppaberg

I'm off to the harvester for dinner tonight with a friend and I'm telling her about my pregnancy. They do non alcoholic koppaberg there and as it's kind of a special occasion I really fancy a glass. However the "non alcoholic" drinks always worry me a bit as the koppaberg says "less than 0.05% alcohol" so it does have some in. What do we think? I would only be having one bottle. I'm 9+4

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I think you’ll be fine with one of those, I’ve had a few ‘non-alcoholic’ drinks throughout and had no issues. I’ve stayed away from drinking normal alcoholic drinks though xxx

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Ive tried them a few times when ive been in the 2ww,

If your unsure just stick to pop.

Am sick of drinking pop lol and am not in the 2 week wait just in the middle of treatment.



I had one at Christmas but I didn’t realise there was some alcohol it it until you’ve just mentioned it so I’m sure it will be fine as my baby is fine xx


I have has a few non alcoholic beers. ..sure you be fine. I say have it and enjoy xxx


I was worried about it and asked in a shop. They told me that there is more natural alcohol in a lemon than the ones that are 0.05. That reassured me. X


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