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Buserilin for 14 days and no AF!!

Hi lovelies Im currently down regging. I started Buserilin on day 17 of my cycle (14 days ago) and I'm now 4 days late and no sign of AF! For days I've felt on the edge of coming on sore boobs, cramps and cranky as hell! but nothing! Has anyone else had this? Luckily I have another week until my baseline scan so I guess there is still time?

Can't help but feel like I'm failing at the first hurdle and things haven't even got started yet! Come on body you usually love AF, its so cruel that when you need it it doesn't show!!!

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Hi Beechnut1, my AF was 3/4 days late and I was getting the symptoms about 3 days before I was due. I did read on many forums that Buserelin makes AF a bit late so don't worry, I'm sure it'll arrive shortly! xx


Mine was also late on Buserelin/21-day long protocol but I’m sure they also said that some women bleed and some do not, so I don’t think it’s the end of the world if you don’t get a period? Down regging is the absolute worst bit of ivf, I really feel for you but try not to worry as it’s stressful enough as it is! Best of luck xx


It's here!!! Thanks for the advice xxx


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