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Well that was disappointing


They’ve had to freeze all my embryos, they didn’t make a call to tell me that my progesterone was too high, so I arrived at the hospital got undressed etc and then they say er you can’t do it... bit upset and angry that it took until that point to tell me.. they have admitted an error on their part but have said they will transfer them in 2 months after my natural cycle etc. High risk OHSS my progesterone is double what it should be 😩😩 x

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Hi Montgomery2. Oh dear! So sorry to hear this, but you're important for the moment. Your little embryos will be quite safe waiting to be transferred back where they belong. Annoying that you had to wait to be told. Make sure you drink plenty of water and have a rest when you can. Thinking of you. Diane

That’s terrible on there part. This is bad enough being such an emotional rollacoaster.

I guess they know best so least you know there Waiting for you in the freezer.

Take the next two months to look after yourself and eat really well.

Good luck and I’m sorry this has happened xx

Sorry this happened to you but maybe better outcome for waiting look after yourself x

I know it’s disappointing but as Autumnmoon day, it will make for a better outcome when your body is better xxx

Awww how disappointing for you Hun especially getting there and everything. I can imagine you are frustrated but try to think that better to wait and be cautious then put it be back and it not working because of your progesterone level.

Hope your ok. Take it easy for a bit. Xx

I had exactly the same situation 5 weeks ago! So annoying to be actual at the hospital in the position ready to go! The staff we sympathetic as ever 🤬couldn’t understand why I was upset! So frustrating for you :( x

I am quite glad we did wait to be honest as I’ve started to get short of breath. I’m waiting to see if there’s any other symptoms because I’ve been bloated all the way through the ivf cycle and can’t really tell if it’s OHSS or just residual from the cycle x


I’m so sorry to hear this! At least they are doing the best thing for the embryos so next time you will be ready for them & have a better chance of success. 2 months will fly by although it doesn’t feel like that now. Take care & enjoy bubble baths, hot tubs, soft cheeses, etc, etc until then! Xxx

Sorry to hear that! I know how frustrating this can be - my lining wasnt thick enough for transfer so we a freeze all cycle. Once you have gotten past the disappointment you do realise that its for the best as your body needs to be in tip top condition and they are so precious you wouldnt want any of them to be wasted! Sending hugs. xx

Aargh how frustrating for you, they should have rung.

But all the best for giving it the best shot when your body is in the right place xx

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