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Bloated and swollen


Hey everyone,

I got a BFP on Easter Sunday, think I am still in shock and will be until we have our first scan.

I am so bloated, stomach hurts and have no chance of wearing normal clothes. Tried to wear my jeans yesterday but just couldn’t stand the pain so ended up having to undo them- not a good look!

I know that it can take a while for everything to go back to normal, we had 16 eggs collected so ovaries would have been pretty big.

Is it normal how I am feeling? Trying to get on as normal but have a niggly feeling xxx love to you all

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Congratulations! Is your niggly feeling worrying? If so; I’m pretty sure this is normal. You know so much with IVF it’s difficult not to worry with the amount of information you know xx

This all sounds normal to me. Obviously keep an eye on any signs of OHSS and get advice if you are concerned. And congratulations!! Xx

Thank you! I saw the fertility nurse yesterday and she is contacting my consultant- she mentioned possible OHSs. Am just so uncomfortable- am going away for a few days and have no idea what I am going to be able to wear for work 😩. We are keeping it quiet for now but it looks obvious that something is going on. Thank you for replying xx

I was going to suggest contacting clinic in case of OHSS. Do you have some floaty tunics or similar you could wear for work? One of my colleagues successfully hid her pregnancy to 20weeks with tunics and leggings, but it depends how formal your workplace is!

Am in constant pain, really don’t want to moan as am so so lucky right now. Have bought a floaty tea dress to wear with leggings and will have to be clever with scarfs I think x

Congratulations! Hope your pain settles down make sure you keep up with your fluids and have a nice couple of days away x

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Thank you x

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