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Failed IVF stopping progesterone pessaries, how soon will I get my period?


Hey guys weird question here but I have stopped my progesterone pessaries I was doing 1 morning and 1 evening. How long till I come on period so I can move on and get back to my normal self? I have had some dark brown discharge on liner here and there but no normal flow of blood sorry for description just little worried x

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Hey lovely I stopped mine on the Wednesday night and started bleeding Saturday night. Mine was really heavy maybe because I was on six progesterone a day? My af is usually light. I was glad to a weird way of heavyness to feel like all of the stuff was out of my body so I could feel a bit more normal again. Xxx

Sallovin in reply to Snuggles144

Thanks hun 😊

I think it varies, but at the end of both my cycles my period has come the day after I stopped them. I have had unusually painful periods both times but in a way it does help when it arrives - onwards and upwards xx

Sallovin in reply to Emma04

Thanks hun 😊

Hi there, I’m sorry to read that you got a bfn. I stopped taking them on the Monday and had a bleed by Thursday. I remember just wanting my body to get back to normal, so that I could move on 💕 xx

Sallovin in reply to Lou7744

Yeah I just never looked forward to a period this much lol. Thanks ☺️

Hi Sallovin sorry to hear about your bfn. In my experience it’s ranged from 3-4 days but I know my doctor always says it should arrive within a week xx

Sallovin in reply to Smang

Thank you chick x

Okay guys hope you are all well. I called the clinic and they said because I have been on a high dose of hormonal injections Menopur and Buserelin so will take time to leave the body... I'm still frustrated though and pissed off 😞

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