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I can’t believe this... I’ve got 9 days left of buserelin injections and only enough for one more tomorrow. I can’t believe this has happened - bank holiday weekend as well!

I’m so annoyed with myself that I’ve let this happen, I should have realised that I was running low but I though they gave me enough doseage for my regime. Not once did anyone say to me I’d need any more.

I’m currently frantically contacting the NHS and driving over to a local A&E dept. I’ve called the out of hours service and they’re getting back to me within 24 hours with a prescription... even if I get that I might not be able to find somewhere that has any in stock!

I can’t believe we’re in the position - I can’t stop crying. Has anyone else been in the same predicament?

I don’t suppose anyone has finished their treatment and has any left? I’m willing to drive! Totally clutching at straws...

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Sorry I can’t help but good luck! xx


Hi KJLee. Check with the large supermarkets and chemists for stock and opening hours while waiting for the prescription. Good luck! xx

Enquire with your local Asda if they have any in stock or how long it would take if it was ordered today to collect tomorrow

Thank you all for replying... heads all over the place at the moment. Will check with supermarkets, thank you xx


Try Adsa pharmacy if you have one near you x

Where do you live?

I live in north Devon... I’m being told it’s not an item that pharmacies stock and it needs to be ordered in and can’t be done this side of Easter x

My clinic always directed us to a specific pharmacy close to them that kept stock of common ivf drugs. Even if you can't get in touch with your own clinic, could you call other ivf clinics close by and see if they have a similar pharmacy link? Xx

If you have a prescription maybe try Health Care at Home hah.co.uk, I got next day delivery on my meds (I paid £30 delivery at the time) maybe it's worth a call. Good luck x

The number I have for them 0333 103 9861 is customer services

KJLee in reply to AnnieAnnie

Thank you AnnieAnnie, thy delivered mine too. I tried them this morning but they’re closed for the bank holiday and shut over the weekend xx

AnnieAnnie in reply to KJLee

Oh no!! Has your clinic got an onsite pharmacy? Or another private clinc nearby with a onsite pharmacy. My clinic had an onsite pharmacy which I only used to get my trigger shot. All my other meds I got from hah. It's rubbish that its the BH weekend thats affecting opening times xx

KJLee in reply to AnnieAnnie

It doesn’t but the hospital near by does so going to try there.

It is such bad timing but it’s my fault we’re in this mess! No one told me from the clinic or hah that it wouldn’t be enough and I’d need more so it never crossed my mind to check :( x

AnnieAnnie in reply to KJLee

I will have everything crossed for You! Hopefully you will get it all sorted in no time and if you have the weekend off from work, enjoy some relaxation time xx

KJLee in reply to AnnieAnnie

Thank you xxx

Hey where do you live? Xx

We’ve managed to get some from Exeter hospital! Thank you so much ladies for your advice and taking the time to reply. It’s been such a rollercoaster today, just feel so relieved and a bit of an idiot. All the best to you all and happy Easter xxx

Lilli79 in reply to KJLee

Glad to hear this, how awful & stressful for you! I was going to offer my leftover as I live in North Somerset. Probably not allowed though considering the seal has been broken and all. Good luck with your treatment xx

KJLee in reply to Lilli79

Ah bless you, thank you Lilli79! It wasn’t easy and I think they bent the rules a bit. I was lucky I took all my correspondence with me to show the hospital. Feeling very, very lucky right now! Thank you for commenting and good luck with your journey too xx

Dianearnold1 in reply to KJLee

Bless you. You got sorted in the end. Brilliant! Diane

KJLee in reply to Dianearnold1

Thanks Diane, still can’t believe it happened! Everyone has been so nice on here, really helped xx

Thought I'd post just in case anyone was interested - I spoke to the clinic when they reopened on Tuesday and they were very apologetic. My prescription states I should have received two bottles but they only gave me one. I had no reason to believe I didn't have enough [but maybe I could have realised sooner!].

Felt relieved that it wasn't all my fault and I had been taking the right dosage. Still on the right path and booked in tomorrow for another final scan to check follicle growth!

I can't thank you all enough for your comments, it meant so much that you were all trying to help us. What a community! :) xx

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