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Soooo impatient


I need to get this out in the open..

I had my scan yesterday everything is going well... by now I’m just waiting for the next one!

I took 3 weeks off with the hope of relaxing and pottering around the house.

Truth is on the first 3 days I’m going mad!!

Husband is also home wanting to DIY his way through the week..

I need to do something!


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Hey hunny, time off is good but it's best if you plan to do things!! I am currently in my 2ww and have planned things to do. Although I am going crazy trying not to symptoms spot lol. All the best to you!! X

Montgomery2 in reply to NDE1987

We’ve done a few bits and bobs just not enough to keep me entertained!! I will look into gongs to do over Easter. The in laws did ask us if we wanted their caravan for a few days by because of scans etc we didn’t see the point for 2 days x

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