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Positive stories needed! 🙏🏻


We just recently had our first IVF round which resulted in BFN. We have been TTC nearly 3 years and I have never been pregnant. Now that IVF hasn’t worked, I just can’t help feeling that I can’t get pregnant and never will. Does anyone have positive stories where they’ve had had no success naturally, failed IVF and then still conceived at some point? Thank you if you can help lift my very low spirits 💕

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I know three people who conceived naturally very quickly after failed ivf... one was secondary infertility the other two weren’t. One lady ended up with natural twins!

I was never pregnant for 25 months then had a laparoscopy and fell naturally pregnant twice in the following year, despite not really having anything big found/done in the lap. Unfortunately we still don’t have a child because it turns out we have issues on both sides, but if you haven’t had a lap then I recommend pushing for one.

Thank you for this. I wonder if there was any link with the people you knew conceiving naturally after failed IVF? Is there any reason it could boost chances?

I did have a lap done in Nov last year. They found mild endo but nothing major and it was removed. We are in the unexplained category which is why it’s just so hard to know. There’s no explanation but just doesn’t feel like it will ever happen xx

Informally, all of them said they think it kickstarted something in their system but I don’t know if any research that’s ever been done on this. Three people seems quite a lot for one person to know so I think there must be a link.

My acupuncturist also has plenty of stories of natural conception after ivf has failed but she’s never told me the time lapse between the ivf and the natural conception.

Ps one of the ladies had tried for eight years before ivf, the other ten years, both had a surprise second conception naturally within a couple of years after their first child too. And both then started to use contraception!!!

Also, one of my male friends tried for years and years for his first, after failed iui, ivf worked for them and they’ve just fallen pregnant naturally with their second child. They never ever thought it would happen and were also unexplained.

Don’t give up hope (or trying)... I know it doesn’t feel like it but unexplained is a good place to be as it still could happen! Xxxxx

Thank you. There is hope I guess!! 🤞🏻 thanks so much. This community is amazing for boosting each other. Wishing you all the luck for your journey xx

Don’t give up hope lovely. I know it’s hard but don’t give up! We had been TTC for over 3 years and I never once fell pregnant. Our first IVF cycle resulted in a BFN. I was devastated on top of having pretty bad ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. I went into our frozen round four months later feeling pretty flat, just taking each day as it came. When FET day came, one of our frosties survived the freeze thaw process but then went on to die. I was gutted and feeling so anxious. The second embryo they thawed survived and was implanted. I spent the whole 2ww convinced it hadn’t worked. Hubby and I were making all these plans for what we could do when we got our next BFN, so no one was more shocked than us when we found out we were pregnant! I was in complete shock but so overjoyed. Then at 6 weeks I had a bleed and was terrified it was all going wrong. But luck was on our side, and I have cautiously been enjoying my pregnancy ever since. I am now 16w3days. It can and does work! I know how painful this journey is only too well. So full of heartbreak and pain, but please please don’t ever give up on your dreams. They can come true! Xxx sending u love and luck and lots of baby dust xxx 🙏🍀

This is exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you. Congratulations on your pregnancy too. I can’t imagine ever being in that situation but hope with all my heart I am soon! Xx

Thank u. Wishing u all the luck in the world. I got to the point where I couldn’t picture it either but it can and does work! I had acupuncture for my FET (but not my first round) which I think might have helped xxx 🤞🤞

Hi lovely.

I had unexplained infertility for 5 years and 10 months until I was diagnosed with endometriosis and it was treated; we conceived naturally first time in six years of ttc!! In all that time we never thought we could do it. Unfortunately I did miscarry at 4 and a half weeks. Since then my endometriosis re grew and I’ve had my second laparoscopy which more endometriosis was treated; some was left on my bowel as it was a general gynaecologist who did the surgery. My fertility specialist is concerned by how quickly my endometriosis re grows and has referred me to an endometriosis specialist that he knows very well! In between that I have been assured it is safe to try again, I might try clomid as my cycles have been erratic.

Yes it is possible after a long time of trying to fall pregnant; when you it is such a shock ( we were go smacked) !!! I think it’s normal to have doubts but there is always hope 💫

I’d also recommend a laparoscopy to any woman suffering infertility; endometriosis is good to rule out/treat and can only be diagnosed with a laparoscopy.

All the best with your treatment hope your time is soon 🌈xoxo

Thank you honey. I had a lap last year and had mild endo treated. Tried for a couple of months after naturally with no success and now failed IVF. Just all feels like it’s not meant to be. One thing that seems weird to me is my periods are heavier and more painful since having my lap which is the opposite of what they said would happen?! Sorry to hear about your miscarriage but I suppose it is some good news that you can get pregnant although I’m sure it’s hard to see it that way xxxx

Thank you. I have to see it in a positive way or it would screw me up.

You do know endometriosis can re grow? Mine grew back very quickly more this time and my symptoms all returned even more. I believe also prevented us from conceiving since our loss.Mine was mild; but my fertility specialist is concerned by how easily my recurs and the fact it’s on my bowel , he has referred me to an endometriosis specialist.

Are your symptoms back? If they are you need to contact your fertility specialist; I did this. I wrote to him; and listed all my symptoms and concerns I had; he wrote back and arranged a scan which indicated an issue with my uterus lining, he referred me to a general gynaecologist, the general gynaecologist recommendation was a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and biopsy, this was done 16th March, saw my fertility specialist last Thursday and he has referred me to a endometriosis specialist.h

It might be you need a laparoscopy if the symptoms haven’t improved. I kept being told by lots of medics including my fertility specialist assistant that the endometriosis couldn’t re grow back that quickly; guess what love it did! 🤪

I hope fertility specialist can investigate the cause of your period issues xoxo

Thanks I think I will try and go back. It was weird I didn’t actually have endo symptoms and it was only discovered through having the lap. Then as soon as I’d had, I seemed to get endo symptoms! Really strange. You’ve motivated me to try and get back to see the consultant though and see what he says xx

No worries , glad I could help.

Some women are more prone to recurring endometriosis. It’s a horrible condition to have.

All the best let me know how you get on xoxo

Hi my sister was trying for about 7 yrs then had two rounds of ivf which both failed. After the second round she got pregnant naturally and had a baby boy. She is currently expecting her second baby, also natural conception. It does happen for many people, although I know what you mean about feeling like you're never going to be pregnant - I've been there myself many times xx

Wow that’s amazing. Nature is such a bizarre thing isn’t it xx

There are so many encouraging posts on this site...beautiful babies born to parents surviving horrible journeys to parenthood. Please don’t be discouraged. Just look at some the baby pics 😀

Hi, I'm in the same boat as you we have been trying for coming up 7 years , no natural conception and out first ivf has failed just last month, I like your self am struggling but seeing all your responses has brightened my day and my hopes. I wish you all the luck in the world and look forward to soon hearing of a BFP in both of our futures x

Same to you xx do you have another round to go? Xx

Yes they have said to leave it a couple on months and then can go back and try again, no eggs frozen so have to go through the whole process again x

We are exactly the same. Starting all over again. We have our follow up next week. They said on the phone I only needed to wait one cycle but I think I’m going to wait two as don’t feel ready to do it again yet xx

Hi, I also had a failed first round of ivf in January 2017. Please don’t be discouraged by the failure many women go on to conceive afterwards. We were gutted when it failed especially after we only had that one embryo to implant so I had to start a fresh round all over again but now I am currently laid in bed cuddling my now 13 week old baby girl after our second round last Easter was successful. Don’t give up x

That’s a lovely story thank you and congratulations! We just had the one embryo too so we are on to round 2. Did you wait just a couple of months between cycles? Were there things they learnt and did differently the second time? Xx

Yeah we only waited for two periods the one in the feb and March then I had my second egg transfer the Easter weekend of last year. Some clinics like you take wait at least 3 periods but mine were fine with just the 2. The second round they increased my medication dose slightly (the mediciation was the same as the first round) and added clexane injections but that was all the tweaking it took. We also have a embryo in the freezer too if we wanted to try again so it was definitely a more successful round on all accounts x

That’s good. I’ve heard second rounds can often be more successful so hoping this will be the case for us xx

A couple I worked with had either 5 or 6 rounds of failed ivf. They had not had a holiday in over 11 years as saving to afford it. Finally after accepting the fact it was not going to work, booked a holiday. Unbelievably fell pregnant naturally and are now parents to a beautiful girl. Incredible. Keep thinking positively. . Good luck!!!!

Wow that’s crazy!! Thank you!! Xx

Thank you all for this thread. Trying really hard to stay positive during my second 2ww and have started having big wobbles. Always need to have a wee bit of hope....xx

So pleased it’s helped others too! Hang in there and wishing you lots of luck xx

Hi BrightonBelle85,

Honestly I spent 5 years of my life from the age of 27 thinking the same way. I really thought “this will never happen for me” or my husband. We had no explanation why I had 1 miscarriage from natural conception at 27 & then 2 very very early miscarriage with a fresh cycle & a FET.

Thankfully a lady on here advised me about NK cells so I explored that privately in 2016. As it turned out my NK cells were crazy high & so I got a treatment plan to have alongside my second round of ivf. Now I am nearly 6 months pregnant with a little girl. I still tread with caution but am finally believing this could be our happy ending after years of heartache. I really did believe I wouldn’t be able to have children but here I am. Please keep hopeful & the most important thing is to find peace with yourself for your next treatment. I wish u all the luck, please keep believing xxxx

BrightonBelle85 in reply to Nat6

That is wonderful, congratulations and thank you. I don’t know anything about NK cells! So wonderful that you got there in the end. Hope your pregnancy continues to go well xxxx

Nat6 in reply to BrightonBelle85

Thank you & good luck. I saw a man called Dr Shehata at his CRP clinic in Epsom. X

Where there is positivity there is hope. I am sorry that your first cycle failed. Don't lose hope yet. I have an aunt who went for IVF and got her twins. All this depends on how your body responds. She had to go for it thrice.In the end, however, finally, the result was positive.There is no need to blame yourself. Now I would advise you to go for another round if you wish too.You can get pregnant this time. If you think it can be emotionally draining then you can go for surrogacy.It is an amazing ray of hope for parents who have lost hope. I know this because surrogacy is the best thing happened to me after my husband. This door is open for you as well.Consult your husband and consider it.

Thank you xx

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