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I'm Just about to take my last tablet of norethisterone, this is my 10th day.

I Had my injection training appointment yesterday and final bloods.. as it's our first round, and our last bloods went out of the 3 month limit so we had to have them done again!

I'm due to start injections on 2nd day of period, that should be this weekend coming.

I'm aware I'm going to need several appointments as I've been told I need to be monitored with me only being 24.

My biggest worry is telling work, I'm a team leader at a busy tea rooms, ive been in the establishment the longest, since they opened. They rely on me a lot!

They are away at the moment and I'm thinking of sending an email to save confrontation.

They are not understanding in anyway so I know they aren't going to take it well, they don't have children themselves but I need advice?

Thanks :)

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I would check if they have any policy and procedures on pregnancy/ fertility. They need to honour you appointments.

If they don’t have anything then check your rights with citizens advice.

I would definitely be honest with your boss and tell them what’s going on. Hopefully they will have some compassion an empathy as it’s a stressful process.

Baileysmith in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately it's only a small place and they have never dealt with this before!

So I think I may check my rights with citizens advice like you say.

I would definitely feel better with them knowing.

Thanks x

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