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Advice 4th time round

Hello everyone is there anyone on here that has had a successful ivf following recovering from an eating disorder.

I have had 3 failed ivf attempts and on each occasion my periods were very irregular varying from 8 weeks to 15 weeks apart. I have been told that i need to put some weight on and currently weigh 47kg which is still a low bmi of 16.9. My clinic say they want me at least 19 but in the 20s if at all possible.

I have been taking proxeed for 15 months and my periods are a lot better varying between 3 weeks 5 days and 4 weeks 5 days which is a brilliant improvement. My ivf has failed due to my egg quality being poor on all 3 cycles. I have achieved 17 eggs the first 2 cycles with 11 fertilising and the 3rd cycle was following ovarian drilling where i had 11 eggs 8 fertilising. These eggs however had something called hatching around them so a small hole had to be drilled to assist implantation none of my cycles worked.

As there anyone one this site ever been in a similar situation. I really want to start my 4th cycle but don’t want to have another unsuccessful cycle. I had a cyst removed off my ovary 2 weeks ago and this has been sent for testing. My left ovary is a lot smaller than the right side too.

Any advice appreciated please

Thank you everyone and all the best for treatments xx

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