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What to do

Hi Ladies,

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!!!

Feeling down and not sure what to do.

Been 10 months since miscarriage of 1st baby which took 8 yrs to conceive.

Went to GP to tell them my AF was really painful, heavy and that my cycles were 39/40 days. To be given some tablets to help with pain and heavy AF. I told her I need to do something as I am nearly 37 and feel I’m running out of time.She didn’t help in anyway.

I have lost 5 st in Weight but still need to loose another 3 st for the hospital to do further fertility test.

I thought because I had conceived naturally last yr that the GP could do something to help with long cycles and to regulate my hormones as my initial tests had shown my hormones were not correct at certain stages in my cycle so it’s pointing towards a hormone imbalance and possibly not ovulating every cycle.

Is there anything I can do to help with this or someone I can speak to. It could take another yr to loose the weight and a long waiting list before I could get tests at fertility clinic. I don’t have a yr to loose. Feel so down about this.

Sorry for long post.

Take care x

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Hiya, happy Mother’s Day. I’m sorry to hear of your loss! Just a random thought could clomid help with your ovulation issue? Have you tried that before? X


Thanks! I think it might help but I would need GP to prescribe it and she didn’t seem interested. Just said I need to loose more weight. I am lighter and healthier than so many of my friends who have had kids. It’s so frustrating. Think I’ll need to back and push them to do more x


I wonder if metformin could help?


Thanks, Don’t know much about this. Will have a look. Probably need GP again for this.

Think I’ll need to askto speak to a different GP x


Also hun I’m not sure if it’s something you would be interested in but there is a herbal tincture you can take (by a professional qualified doctor (herbalist) which I have take myself.... which regulates my cycles and also helped me ovulate naturally... which I rarely did before this. Here’s the website and it’s the fertility tincture..,. Do call him though as he is really helpful and will explain fully. It’s not cheap but it does work and I can vouch as I have done it myself. herbactive.co.uk/ xx oh and clomid is a fertility drug that makes you ovulate. Speak to your doc about it xx


Thanks Jem, I’ll have a look. Read a lot about clomid as tests I had a few yrsago before loosing weight showed I was ovulating every month. But having falling pregnant last yr, I must be sometimes. Just hate the constant feeling like it takes over your life and that time is running out.

I know GP’s aren’t the best as they aren’t specialist in fertility. Think I’ll need to go back and push to see one of the other GP’s in the practice. Thanks for your suggestion, will definitely have a look x


It is all consuming isn’t it ☹️.Yes definitely press them... Maybe you should have a HSG as well to make sure both of your tubes are open? I paid for this privately and was about £500. I just thought it may fast track you a little bit. Let me know how you get on! X


I was in a similar situation although I have no children. I lost some weight over six months but I still needed to lose more to fit the nhs criteria. When I analysed it I decided to go abroad for my treatment and pay privately. Weight is an important factor but age is the single biggest factor in ivf success. I’m still losing weight but I’m still not at the nhs criteria level


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