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Thyroxine tablets for fertility treatment


Hi everyone!

I took thyroxine to lower my TSH level during my last private ivf cycle (my TSH was 4.9 and the clinic advised it’s preferable to have a level below 2.5 to help avoid risk of miscarriage).

Anyway I asked my GP about getting them on repeat prescription as I’ve been advised to continue taking them between cycles (and possibly will always need to take them) but she said no because she wouldn’t have prescribed them as my TSH level was officially ‘normal’ at 4.9 (although still too high for ideal fertility purposes). She said I’ll need to get them on private prescription (but I surely can’t do that for the rest of my life?!). Just felt like another example of the NHS not being particularly helpful in supporting those of us struggling with infertility.

Before I have another word with her, I wondered if any of you get thyroxine from your normal GP to take on an ongoing basis for fertility reasons?

Thanks ladies, your thoughts are much appreciated as ever 😘


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Hiya love! I get mine from my GP. Did you get your for treatment from your GP? Ruth got me a letter to take to my GP when I was doing treatment explaining that it had to be under 2.5. Could you ask Ruth to do the same for you? I was lucky, had a very sympathetic GP and he knew that for fertility it has to be under 2.5 himself for conception. Had on repeat ever since as technically still trying to conceive and nobody has questioned it.xx

Thanks Cinders! That’s really helpful, I’ll ask Ruth, she did say she’d see what she could do when I told her about my gp’s response so maybe a letter from the clinic might help.. thank you and hope you’re doing ok honey, been thinking of you 😘 xxx

It was pretty simple and straight to the point. I can let you see a copy of you wanna PM me your email address. Someone else mentioned ed below that it's in the NICE guidelines that your levels should be below 2.5 for conception so I would throw that into the discussion with your GP. I'm doing ok thanks, I'll PM you!x

I've sent you through a copy of my letter and stuff re subclinical thyroid! Hope it

Hi. My fertility doc wrote a letter to my gp advising I start thyroxine (for hashimotos) tsh has always been normal, however it's now quite low.

GP never had a problem with it, maybe you could try asking a different gp xx

Thank you!! Yes that’s a good idea to try another gp too. It’s frustrating as I’ve seen this female gp a few times about anxiety and depression associated with my infertility, so you’d think she’d do what she could to help instead of adding to the obstacles 🙈 xx

Yeah I would definitely see another gp. My periods settled like clockwork from 25-36 days to 28-29.

If you do get them, make sure you take them 30 mins before any other meds, food or caffeine xx

Hi, that’s so frustrating I really feel for you. I had a hard time getting Thyroxine prescribed in the first place, but after a mmc when my levels had been around 4.7 my fertility clinic agreed and wrote to my GP who has continued to prescribe it no questions asked. I would request a letter and also check what the NICE guidance says about keeping TSH under 2.5 for fertility as that would back you up if it’s there. As a side note, do be careful to get your levels regularly checked in pregnancy.. I increased my dose by 25% as soon as got a bfp (that’s what American and Canadian Guidelines recommend) and since then my requirements have just kept going up and up- started on 25mg and now up to 100mg, so I’ve been referred to an Endocrinologist. Hope you get it sorted, absolutely not fair you should have to pay privately xx

Thank you 🙏 I’ll check out the Nice guidelines and see what they say, that’s a good idea, taking some actual evidence to her might help! Thanks again :-) xx

CRM sent a letter to my GP to prescribe me thyroxine. My TSH was 2.8 when I first tested but they wanted to be between 1 and 2. You just need to explain to your GP (sound weird) that you have what they call “ subclinical hypothyroidism”. This means that you are in normal range but current evidence suggests that in sub fertile women treatment with thyroxine improves implantation and pregnancy rates. You don’t need to take this treatment all your life, my GP said that I need to take until I will give birth.

Thank you for this, that’s good to know and maybe if I mention the term ‘subclinical hypothyroidism’ too that’ll help, I’ll also explain that a number of women on here get the meds from their gp :-) xx

I also get my on repeat from my GP however they did refuse at first, but I told them my fertility doctor wanted me on them, and I have had no problems since x

Thank you 😊 Think I’ll show her a letter from my fertility clinic and see if that helps, fingers crossed!! Xx

I started on levothyroxine prescribed by my clinic (also a hospital) for the exact reasons as you. I have changed GP’s twice as I have moved house since then and no one had questioned it. I would either (as some have suggested) ask if you can get a letter from your clinic to give to your GP or see a different doctor (or both). It should be really easy to get on repeat prescription as like you say, levels should be under 2.5 for fertility. Good luck xx

Claire_Mitch in reply to hifer

Thank you, been so helpful to read everyone’s responses on here! Sounds like my gp is being a bit of a jobsworth 🙈 xx

Hi there, with TSH above 4.6 you should be able to get repeat free prescription with no problem not only due to fertility treatment but treat your thyroid! I would see a different GP if I were you. It may be worth seeing private endocrinologist also

You may want to read some of my previous posts re Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. It's worth asking if your GP would do a full thyroid panel tests including antibodies. xx

Claire_Mitch in reply to Kiedy84

Thank you!! Will check out your earlier posts too :-) very helpful, thanks xx

I had similar problem, but my GP even increased my thyroxine as he believed it would be beneficial for me. My TSH level is 1.9 and my clinic and GP are happy about it.

Hope you get it sorted... xx

Claire_Mitch in reply to Mara84

Thanks for your reply, your gp sounds great, hopefully I can talk some sense into mine :-) xx

Hey Hun so sorry to hear ur going though this .. I had my tsh level 4 point something and ivf clinic gave me levothyroxine it’s been a year and I still get the prescription form my gp..I didn’t need any letter. All the best hun xx

Thank you for your reply, it certainly seems like my gp is the odd one out! Hopefully I’ll be able to sort it 👍 xx

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