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What should we avoid to improve our ovulation?

Hello everybody. It's a pleasure to read them. Here I bring you some very interesting information that I found in one of my searches. I hope it helps and if you have any questions or advice do not hesitate to comment.

These are some foods that we should avoid if we want to improve our ovulation:

-The soy or soy foods since it has been shown to contain properties that mimic estrogen, so they can unbalance the hormones necessary for ovulation to occur. Soy milk is not recommended because it can cause thyroid problems in both women and men: Among the soy foods are: soy milk, soy burgers, soy protein powder, soy, meat and soy cheeses.

- High glycemic index refined carbohydrates such as white flours, white bread, refined pasta, white sugar because they can alter blood sugar levels which could alter ovulation. It prefers low glycemic index carbohydrates, which do not increase insulin resistance, such as brown rice, whole grain pasta, whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

-Low-fat dairy products can alter reproductive hormones, to promote ovulation it is better to consume complete dairy products.

-The Caffeine because it affects the hormonal balance, decreasing ovulation.

-The consumption of alcohol in excess because it can alter the production of hormones responsible for regulating ovulation.

-Overweight can alter menstrual cycles and ovulation. In the same way it can happen when having very low weight.

-Excessive stress and lack of sleep can also alter ovulation, so if you are subjected to intense stress, you should try to counteract it with relaxation techniques, or any other activity that allows you to drain a little stress.

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