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Anyone have this before pregnancy?

Hi eveveryone, I'm new here and need done insight. I have a 1.4 cm polyp anterior, lower to mid uterine segment of my uterus. No one seems worried and says I don't need to remove it yet. It's small and I have not tried to get pregnant so we don't know if it will cause issues but they think it should be fine. One doctor said it's pretty much a 1 cm polyp to him by looking at the measurements.

Has anyone have same kind of polyp like me and have no issues? Did it grow while, stay same size, or resolve while pregnant?

I'm starting homeopathic medicine to help try get rid of it and it's safe if I get pregnant. So hopefully it all goes as planned and I get pregnant.

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I can only say advice that I've been told before but it does sound like your doctor isn't too worried about it. Just to let you know advice I had with a 'foreign' object in the womb - I had a late miscarriage last year and had retained placenta after the d and c. I had retained placenta of 6mmx10mm and saw a specialist (everything had gone wrong with the pregnancy that could have and I was so paranoid about it!) in this area who told me that even though it was really small he would recommend having it removed, as a) if the egg tries to implant in that material it might be prevented and b) you don't know what damage it could do when pregnant (if it dislodges/affects placenta etc). I also asked my IVF clinic for their advice as it seemed so small and I didn't know what they would suggest, and they said exactly the same as the specialist. It fortunately came out naturally in the end but I would have probably got it removed. Again, it's not quite the same situation and it would be interesting to hear what other people say who have had the same experience. Good luck. xx


Thanks for your reply. How big was your foreign object? Was it a polyp or fibrous?

No one seems worried because it's 1cm. I have done research and it says usually 1cm does not harm a pregnancy and mine is on the anterior wall. Most of the time embryo implants on posterior but there's still slight chance it could implant on anterior wall. All and in all everyone is telling me I'll most likely be fine. Nothing is guaranteed but they wouldn't be worried if I start trying.

So instead of living with fear hubby and I actually started trying. I decided screw this polyp and my anxiety I'm going to live my life and see what happens. If I don't get pregnant I'll consider removal.

Hopefully all goes well then I have been thinking in my head. I got to shake it off and relax. Especially if I do get pregnant this month.


Mine was retained placenta, and 6mmx10mm but didn't personally want to take the chance leaving something in there (even if risk was minimal) as had advice from two separate specialists that no matter how small it should be removed just in case it caused infertility or miscarriage. Also for my own piece of mind (not wanting to live in fear and anxiety as you said you're doing) as removing it is actually very easy. Good luck and hope it all works out.


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