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Could Endometrial Polyp stopping me to get pregnant??

Hi Ladies,

I just received my HyCosy test results and it says I have 1 cm endometrial polyp arising from the anterior wall. Is it still possible to get pregnant. I am excited because they say you become super fertile after HSG test for at least 3 months (not sure how true is that!! :-o ) but same time I am scared of that polyp :(

If it is stopping us to conceive then chances are still negligible for me :(

Any suggestions/ideas/experiences to share ?

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Hi BabyHope, I can't help re the polyp. I'd guess this wouldn't be a problem as it won't be blocking anything there and I've been told that my small fibroids and endometroma are not a problem at the mo. It's only if they get bigger or spread that they pose a problem. Re the HSG I was told the same and a friend with very severe endo did get pregnant in her first cycle after this procedure after trying for almost two years. I had my hopes pinned on this happening for me but no such luck :-( I think that might be down to other contributing factors (my hubby has a very low sperm morphology).

True or not it's still worth trying! Fingers crossed you have more luck xx


Hey thanks Vickal for replying.

My Radiologist said Polyp wouldn't be a problem but lets see what my consultant thinks about it, and for that will have to wait for 3 months for 2nd appointment. Even I am hoping something positive should work out in next 3 months. Sorry to hear that it didn't work for you, did your doctor put you on any treatment then ? xxx


We got a referral to the fertility clinic after my hubby's sperm test results came back. That was June, another 6 monyhs of tests (including lots of waiting for next appointment and test results). We're now about to start IUI treatment in the next few weeks. We have four trys at that and if it doesn't work we have one try at IVF. Fingers crossed it doesn't come to that.

Good luck in the next few months of trying x


Hey Vickal,

Thanks for sharing your experience. It was very helpful. Wish you both a very good luck for your IUI treatment and loads of baby dust too :-)


Hi BabyHope. Well at least that’s that procedure over and done with, and you know all is well. The polyp in question shouldn’t be a problem, as it is not in the way of your tubes or cervix, so I doubt it will need any treatment. However, your consultant will discuss the findings with you. Regarding getting pregnant after a tubal patency test, occasionally, I do hear of this from time to time. Maybe now that you know there is no serious problem, you will feel happier – and who knows?? Fingers crossed that all works out well for you. Diane

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Thanks so much for your reply DianeArnoid :-)

I am really feeling positive somewhere in my mind and keeping my fingers crossed too.


Hi Babyhope

I have several fibroids and a couple of them are quite large all on the outside of the uterus they didn't stop me getting pregnant although I had an ectopic pregnancy the fibroids weren't the problem. I did have one tiny fibroid in my uterus removed because there was more chance of miscarriage. Your Consultant should be able to advise you what's best to do. Good Luck Tasha


Hey Tasha,

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Did your consultant call you to discuss the HSG test results ? Or shall we expect it in scheduled appointment. Are you undergoing any treatment or something now ?


Hi BabyHope

No problem. When I had the first one on the NHS I think the lady who did the HSG did go through with me what she found and did a report to the Consultant. We went back to see the Consultant I think we had a follow up appointment already booked. Sorry it was a few years ago now so I can't really remember. If you haven't heard anything within a week I would chase it up to see what's happening. No not having treatment at the moment because of my ectopic pregnancy which was 4 weeks ago so it's been recommended I have 3 - 4 cycles before I try again. I had egg donation treatment and there is a frozen embryo waiting. Tasha


Hi babyhope I can't give any advice on your indication of your results but I would advise you to phone your clinic and speak to your nurse there who will be able to advise you on the next steps.. All the clinics will now be re opened.. I contact my clinic anytime I have any worries and they're really good and never mind answering any concerns etc I have.. Yours won't mind you're prob have to leave a answer machine msg and the nurse will contact you when they have a spare 5 minutes! I think they're amazing and do a great job.. Good luck xxx


Hi Jess,

Yes I am planning to contact them on 7th January. And side by side I will try extra bonus of HSG treatment (let's see if it works for me).


I really hope it does hunni I know it does for lots of woman :)

Good luck let me know how you get on xxx


Hi babyhope just wanted to suggest something I did. Basically I harrassedy my consultants secretary for a cancellation appointment, I had flexibility with work which helped, and it brought my appointment forward by 3weeks. No harm in asking. Lots of baby dust x


Hi Poochi,

Thanks so much for a great tip. There's no harm in trying it :-)


Hi sunshine, I know this is an old thread but wanted to know if you end up removing your polyp or not. Were you able to get pregnant afterward?



Yes I had my polyp removal done last year. But unfortunately couldn't get pregnant naturally. Though polyp removal is one of the criteria for IVF treatment ( which is ongoing at the moment) xx


Hello babyhope, sorry I know it's been a while since your last post but wondering whether you could give us an update on your treatment?

I am suffering from endometrial polyps myself, had it removed 4 times now but everytime the polyp is back within couple of months. We have been trying to get pregnant for 5 years now and had unsuccessfully IVF so am looking for some positive news. Not sure whether it's the polyp which blocks or my hubby's low count and low motile sperm. The doctors don't know the answer.

I hope you will have a very positive news for me... thank you so much


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