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Help- donor eggs. Amh 0.5 xx

Hi ladies , I need some help.....- so I attempted stimms for 11 days and sadly only produced one 19mm follicle. My amh is 0.5 .... so on review have been told that ivf with my own eggs is very very unlikely to work. We have paid over 3500 pounds to get to this stage. Now entering the world of donor eggs. Does anyone have any advice on where to go? How long the wait is and also the cost. I'm 33 years old.-all my other tests are normal. My partner has a normal seman analysis ..... xxxxx

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Hi Ainskidd,

I know how you feel. I have similar numbers with an AMH of 1. We decided to go with donor eggs in Greece, because the waitlist is too long in the UK and also it’s more cost effective.

I would do some research and see what your budget is there are a number well credited clinics in Spain and Greece that I found, or depending on your finances you may want to stay and do it in the UK.

Feel free to DM if you want info of the clinic I want to.

When going abroad typically you will do scans and blood tests in the UK and then email them over to clinic. Based on those they will make a recommendation. For me I had a hysteroscopy done on my first there and implantation cuts and started my first treatment the month after.

I’m now attempting my second attempt, so praying this one sticks.

Best of luck but I would suggest you do your due diligence and spend some time consulting with a few clinics (as the ones abroad typically do free consultations) and the compare them.

Anyhow best of luck, I know it’s duffic choice and can be frustrating but this forum if fantastic for support xx


We had ivf using a donor egg in England. Thankfully it worked first time for us and our little girl has jus5 turned 2. Not sure if you are allowed to put clinic names on here but feel free to pm me and I will tell you. Good luck xx


Hiya My AMH is 0.4 told to go straight to donor eggs, currently with the Bridge Centre in London Bridge they've been great xx good luck xx haven't stated treatment yet but registered with the London egg bank; just waiting for the right math to come up 🙏🏻


Try eggdonationfriends.com website which lets you compare clinics across Europe and in each country across set categories so you are able to make an objective decision x


Hey it’s a really hard one to get your head round. My AMH is the same as yours and went straight for donor eggs. We went to Poland as no waiting times and clinic has good results and good costs. However when going abroad and looking at costs remember the add ons. Flights blood tests and scans in uk and then costs again if it doesn’t work first time. I got pregnant first time but miscarried. Parts of me wished I’d waited a few months and went with uk clinics on basis of trying to get bloods and meds in uk. Go with what is right for you but please do take into account it is not easy tiger bloods done unless you pay a private clinic as large amount of money so ask whichever clinic you go with how many bloods and scans you will need and if the have somewhere in uk that they recommend. Good luck with your choices xxx


Understanding egg donation will still be something I’ll never understand how I managed to! Now, I just think we are amazing courageous women.

When I was referred from my hospital for egg donation it was to another local hospital. First off, check if your own hospital or neighbouring ones do egg donation. The waiting list was over two years but they talked us through all the different routes to speed up the process and also it was great to have someone to sit with and talk to. By chance (not every hospital does this) the hospital I have (along with 4 others in UK) are linked to an overseas clinic. I’m sure this happens a lot. So we headed to Cyprus and got a BFP; which sadly didn’t last. But I we got one!

Good luck. Remember. You’re a warrior x


Hey well done for getting this far, its not an easy journey.

We went to Spain for our treatment,

Happy to chat on PM

Worth you checking out eggdonationfriends.com first it helps you work out what’s important to you and get a short list together

Feel free to ask me any questions , I’d be happy to help you xx


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