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Ovulation tests advice


I am trying to track my cycle before I start next IVF. Does anyone know if you should get faint positives on the OPK tests when not ovulating!

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Mine normally gets progressively darker for a few days until ov then progressively lighter again . The peak is pretty distinct tho as the line goes very dark which I think means you are just about to release an egg x

Do you get lines still when not ovulating

I do get a visible line for around 5 days but it’s only 1 or 2 days where it’s darker than the other line. The rest of the time it’s barely visible. I also heard if you are pregnant it can give +opk is that possible? X

I read that but not sure if correct will see how next few days go xx

Yes this is true

Hi Sienna. Have you tried tracking your basal body temperature? I found it easier to tell I was ovulating this way rather than the sticks

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I found it easier to combine both xx

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Not tried tracking that great advice will give that a go, my clear blue said I was at peak a week ago, the cheap internet one today is strong positive


Your testing kit should indicate what's + or - . In the run up to ovulation I get the same as you, a dark and faint line but it's a negative result on my kit. The double dark line is the positive. I get that a few days later.

Hi Sienna2

Apologies, I don't know. Maybe check with your clinic? I guess it also depends on the kit. But also, if you are taking the hormones in build up to ivf then that can play tricks on your usual tests.


I used to get faint lines throughout most of my cycle and then they got darker as i was closer to ovulating :)

I have started getting faint ones since excision surgery for endometriosis and removal of cysts. I used to get faint ones leading up to a positive but now all my opk’s show a faint line. I assume this has something to do with my ovaries being messed about with. X

I’ve only used the Clear Blue so haven’t had to interpret any lines.

Also basal temp tracking will help confirm you’ve ovulated but doesn’t predict it at all. So temps confirms ovulation (can’t predict). OPKs predict (doesn’t confirm) ovulation.

I agree with Tugs - they are good to use together. In doing that I found that I Usually ovulated the day of or day after a positive on the OPK... I think it can vary 1-2 days after getting a positive

Also I believe mid-day urine sample is the bet indicator. Not first morning urine because I had read that the LH spike usually happens in the mid-morning for most.

Also just a theory but those opk sticks measure LH in your blood so if you have high baseline LH... ie common with PCOS then I guess you would get faint lines.

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