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Zomacton and Severe Endo

Hi i'm currently planning for my 2nd frozen IVF cycle and and wanted to know if anyone with severe endo had taken Zomacton a grown hormone?

My consultant is considering this for me as i'm a low responder (only had 3 eggs on last collection) so wanted to know if it can worsen endo / cause symptoms etc. and did these subside once you stopped taking the medication?



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Hi Emmamking. Might need some down regulating beforehand, you will have to ask. It should quieten things down for you and help with easier follicle growth. Good luck with it all. Diane


I’m going to be taking primulut / norithesterone 2 weeks before so not sure if that would help or not.


Hi. Yes, they should calm things down nicely prior to building up a nice lining. Diane


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