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Is it my period?


I keep telling myself to wait until test day but unfortunately, in reality it is almost impossible to not read into things.. So I am putting it out to you ladies for advice..

I’m 10dp5dt and yesterday I started to bleed.. It seems to be mostly brown at the moment but it’s a constant flow (albeit lighter than my normal flow).. I’ve been told by my clinic to keep taking the pessaries but test one day earlier than planned which will be this Monday.. I had major cramps just before starting to bleed but none since I have been bleeding.. I freaked out yesterday and pretty much prepared myself for the worst but there’s still that tiny bit of hope that it could be ok?

I know people can experience this and go on to have normal pregnancies, I guess I just don’t have that much faith in my own body to hold on to this!

Could it be the pessaries that’s holding off the normal flow which is why I’m only heavily spotting brown blood?

Sorry, way TMI but as it’s my first venture down the IVF road, I’m curious!

Thank you all and best of luck to anyone going through this annoyingly emotional road! Xxx

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Hi Jen, so this sucks, I’ve bled before early and it’s just rubbish, however brown blood is old blood, so could be implantation, could be just a small bleed, blood from all the poking and prodding etc. So whilst it’s brown it’s not necessarily a bad thing! Keeping my fingers crossed for you, I’m testing on Thursday and I’m starting to get the jitters! Good luck xx


Thank you.. It’s now red and in full swing! 😔 Good luck for Thursday! Xx


No advice really but wanted to wish you luck for otd. xx


Thank you! Xx

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