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Day 8 scan

Scan this morning after 8 days on 400 Menopur and 0.25 Buserelin. Have 4 follicles on right ovary (12.5-17.1) and 9 on left (12.0-21.3) and looks like collection will be on Monday. Really hoping there are some not-so-decrepit 43 yr old eggs in there.

One question I have is whether you can ever get multiple eggs from one follicle. When I had my first miscarriage there were 3 blighted eggs in there and not sure if it was 3 follicles that released an egg at same time or 3 eggs from one. Will have to quiz then at my next scan on Saturday I guess. 🤔

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Well done, great progress. Looking very promising for your egg collection. I’m not sure about the multiple eggs from one follicle though. Very best of luck for Monday xx

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