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Egg quality.

Hello all. I'm going to start my 4th cycle of ivf after having 3 failed attempts so far. I'm just waiting to get better from my mental health following the fails which caused me to have an eating disorder. I'm currently receiving help through the GP etc

I was told that my egg quality wasn't brilliant. My first and second round i produced 17 eggs which 11 fertilised, 2 were transferred at day 3. None got to blastocyst and none survived for freezing.

I then had ovarian drilling as the consultant said I had polycystic ovaries. Whilst having the operation they found a benign cyst which was removed.

Following this I had a 3rd cycle of ivf and produced 11 eggs which 8 fertilised and 2 transferred again at day 3 again resulted in a fail. None survived or got to blastocyst and the eggs that were transferred has what they called hatching meaning the egg needed to have a little hole put in it prior to transfer.

I'm told my egg quality isn't brilliant and I want to try and increase the quality prior to my next attempt. I'm currently suffering from an eating disorder so this doesn't help but I'm having treatment. So any advice would be appreciated.

I'm now under a new clinic for my 4th attempt but she won't carry out the ivf until my BMI is increased. This consultant at the new clinic does not believe I have ever had polycystic ovaries following her taking a scan and viewing the image so I'm a bit confused with this.

She is a very experienced ivf consultant and is highly recommended. I just need some help in what to eat and drink to boost my chances as I don't think I can keep putting myself through this. I'm 34 now and it seems to get harder.

sorry for the long story but can anyone share if they have had similar situation and any good advice would be appreciated.

Kind regards.

Best wishes xx

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Hi gor123

I have poor egg quality and need to up my bmi too so your not alone. I was told to eat a varied diet ideally organic where possible. Lots of fruit veg and nuts. Aim for 75grams of protein a day and low carb diet. Cut out caffeine alcohol and processed foods

Also reduce high impact exercise

Good luck with your next attempt, I’ll b thinking of u xx

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I am sorry to hear about what you have been through but glad you are ready to go again. Glad you are having help too from your Doctor. I am not very experienced but lovely ladies here will help with Advise. I was told a litre of milk during stims helps. I think you need over 65g of proteins a day. My fitness pal app is great at counting your macros but I believe a balanced diet really helps. Good luck with new cycle.x



You for your reply I will try and increase my protein and I now have the app on my phone. Xx


I was advised that taking DHEA might help to improve egg quality. Best of luck to you x



You xx


I take 100mg of ubiquinol x a day for egg quality but I’m yet to find out whether it improved it. X


Sorry, I meant to say 100mg x3 a day!


Thank you for your reply is this something I can get from Holland and Barrett xx


Amazon sell it. When I looked in Holland and Barrett a few months ago I did not see ubiquinol only the less easily absorbed CoQ10 version.


I am getting Solgar ubiquinol from Dolphin Fitness or from iherb (Jarrow). With iherb you need to pay customs as it is coming from the US but it is still very good value for money as this supplement can be quite expensive.


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