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Rock bottom progesterone levels


Had my results from my day 21 bloods to check I’m ovulating reliably and my progesterone has come back as below one 😔 anyone take anything to boost their progesterone? I was prescribed clomid but advised against taking it as I have a unicornuate uterus (half a womb basically) and multiple births would not result well.

Thanks, feels like this is a very long, never ending journey xx

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Progesterone cream can help use it once you've ovulated up to Af if you tested positive you'd, have to keep using or get your gp to prescribe supposotries. Vitex could help too. Maybe even supposotries. Vitc and b6 can help also. Good luck are they going to test again. They do say if your ovulating that it must show 30 + is, there a chance you got the, testv done on the wrong day? 💗🤗😘


Hi! From experience, prescribed pessaries or gel are likely to be your only hope. The pessaries (cyclogest 400mg) worked for me and got a bfp. I also tried to reduce estrogen from my environment. I had a mainly organic diet, reduced my use of plastic as much as possible, Sanex shower products, barely wore perfume, etc. I also cut back on any sugar that wasn't natural as that can increase estrogen dominance. I'd also start each day with half an organic lemon squeezed into warm water. To be fair my progesterone levels were high immediately after ovulation but would drop, so I can't guarantee this will help you in the same way it helped me, but anything is worth a try. Are they certain you are ovulating? Feel free to DM me if you want to chat for advice. Progesterone problems are less understood when they sit outside PCOS and I certainly struggled to get the support I needed, and to be honest I'm still struggling for that support even though an unborn life is at risk. So I know what a lonely place it can be xx


Firstly try not to panic. Have you only had one CD21 blood test? I had one done on CD24 as my cycles were irregular and it came back as progesterone at 0.3! But I got a positive OPK 2 days later. So it could be that the timing was wrong. Xxx


Also progesterone wouldn’t be any use if you weren’t ovulating as from what I gather progesterone is produced after ovulation and taking progesterone before ovulation could actually stop you ovulating. Maybe look into Angus castus, that works for a lot of women xxx


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