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Waiting to call ivf clinic

Not expecting any replies - just venting and needed to write it down! I'm so frustrated with my body. I've got to call my Ivf clinic on cd1 to book in my nurse planning appointment to get things going. I've had 25-27 day cycles for the last 6 months, and now I'm on cd30. I did test on cd 26 (v faint line, prob evap), 27,28 both bfn. I'd stopped temping but had ewcm on cd 15 (about right for me) and then again cd19 when I did a random opk which was v dark. I thought maybe a second surge.

I'm just so frustrated at the thought I might have o'd later and now I'm having to wait longer for my next cycle to get things going. If I did O later, af will be due on Sunday. I don't think I even want to test again as the thought of doing this extra wait to see another bfn does not fill me with joy. Is my body just playing up for a laugh? I don't know, maybe it's all down to the super moon last night...

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Aaargh I can understand why this is all so stressful. Why don’t our bodies do what we expect them to do?!

It sounds to me like you ovulated on day 19 this month so could expect af around day 33. I’d do another test then if she still hasn’t appeared.


Ah our bodies do like to play tricks on us don’t they! Waiting for my AF to start our first round was torture and I was five days later than I’d ever been before!! I didn’t even feel stressed that I knew about but I’ve heard it’s quite common.

Hang in there, hopefully it will come soon so you can start to move forward with it all xx


Oh hun, I can fully sympathise here - Im currently CD 40 and no sign of AF yet. It would be a bloody miracle if I was pregnant (hubby doesn't produce sperm in samples - had to have a retrieval for last ivf cycle) and I was in the clinic Monday and he scanned me and couldn't see anything so just got to wait it out.

The consultant did give me tablets to help bring on my period but nothings happened yet but I've read lots of people had to get to the end of the tablets then it came so here's hoping she arrives at the weekend!!

I hope you get some answers soon - hopefully a BFP but if not GL with your next round xxx


Hi Lizziex3, Franco and JB. Thanks so much for your replies and kind words. I'm feeling really hacked off, especially since my pains started nice and early on Sunday (stomach/back have eased off but now the boobs have kicked in). I

I think you're right about the late ov Lizzie, and that's really interesting to hear you've heard this is common Franco. JB - cd40! You're a trooper. I feel bad for moaning now! Good to know there's tablets for it though, but sorry the scan didn't find anything. I hope she shows up for you soon. I think if it's one of you, you should get to go first! I hope your next cycle is successful. This will be my first - not holding breath! Xx

Ps Franco - I've decided to get my meds from the clinic after all. Have had a load of faff this week after getting the viral screen done through the gp, so I now think it's worth paying the extra for an 'easy' life. Still appreciate all of your advice though.



Thanks for your message Isabel - I don't think there's anything for me to worry about just yet. Will see after the weekend. Best wishes.


Still no sign of af other than usual sore chest. I did cave and test this morning - bfn as I was expecting so I wasn't too upset. Then I had to go on a speed awareness course and when I arrived, they told me I'd booked it for yesterday! I've got to try to sweet talk the admin people into letting me re-book. I can't believe I made that daft mistake. I think I've been too pre-occupied with all of this ivf stuff. I guess it's affecting me more than I realise and we haven't even got going yet. I think if af is still no show on Monday I will call the clinic. I've started to worry they might suggest I wait another couple of cycles to see if things even off. I did go on holiday for a week when I was expecting to o. The flights weren't that long and the time zone only a couple of hours ahead, but might that have thrown me off? Xx


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