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IVF Kingston or Chelsea Westminster?

Dear All,

I am really new to all this and I hope you can help me.

Today I have received the call gromSt Helier hospital and they confirmed we are able to get the first IVF trough the funds.

They have informed us we can choose to start the treatment with them or:

Kings hospital, Guy hospital, Kingston (where we have done all the test with Ms Behvan) or Chelsea Westminster.

I am really confused the rate of success for Kingston and C&W are are 45%-46% on my age 37.

We will use frozen sperm from my partner coz he had cancer 2 years ago and all my test went well.

Could you please advise which is the best between Kingston orC&W clinic?

Thanks for your help

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Hi Lyeo,

Thank you so much for your message.

I have started to do some reaserch and your tips are really helpful.

Thanks all the best


I don’t have direct experience of either but my brother and wife are at Kingston. They’re happy with their treatment so far but The issue with Kingston was the transfer is done at another clinic so my brother had to travel with the precious egg cargo across town to get there. It happened to be the day it snowed so super stressful all trains cancelled, no taxis and he only just made it in time. You go through enough stress as it is so this seems crazy. However Chelsea may be the same? We’re in surrey and luckily our treatment was all done in the same place. Hopefully someone else has more experience to share but if there was nothing between it the above would tip the scale for me. Good luck with your decision x


Hi Chloe,

Thank you so much. X


All my treatment was through Kingston hospital and I couldn't rate it more highly. From the moment it all began we felt really well looked after.

I don't know how it works at other places, but the only not so good point was that the putting together of egg and sperm (and therefore the embryo transfer) happened at a different hospital, so my partner had to transport my eggs over.

I'm expecting my baby in a month so can't have been that much of a hindrance!

Good luck with it all.


Hi Kempton,

Thank you so much for your help.

All the best xxx


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