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My husband and I having been trying for a baby for about a year and a half. My husband was aware that he had a problem with his sperm from a previous relationship and ICSI was the way forward. We lived in central London and have moved recently to another borough of London. We have been under a fertility specialist at a hospital in central London and have had some test/have some test to do still. We've registered with a GP in our new area and explained the situation. The GP advised us to still have the tests at the hospital we have been under as she adviser wouldn't be a waste of time. What I wanted to know is my understanding was that if you move then we have to start from the beginning and would not be able to have the treatment at the hospital we are currently under? How can I find out the waiting times for the area we are in and what are we best doing? I am 33.

Any advice and guidance would be appreciated, thank you

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Where you can have treatment is dependent on the rules of your pct, and whether they have a contract with that clinic. Given all the changes, and patient choice, there is a strong chance if you request it, you will be able to stay receiving treatment at the same clinic.

But, test results are able to be moved between hospitals too, so when I changed clinics, they put in a request for my notes so they had my test results.


Thank you for your reply. I will try to get more information, but we never seem to get a clear answer.


it's not easy. especially as the funding environment is changing at the moment. if you want t stay at the clinic you are currently at,let people know. if you aare told no, there are letter templates on the INUK site which will help you appeal the decision.

good luck


Thanks for your advice flowergirl


Hi. If you have a look at our website infertilitynetworkuk.com you will be able to access an “interactive map” on the “NHS Funding” page. When you hover over your area, you can click and see what treatment you are entitled to within that area. Also, remember that when you have any tests etc., always ask for copies so that you can keep them in your own folder to take with you wherever you go. You are entitled to ask for them, but clinics/hospitals can still gain access to them anyway. All the best and I hope it all works out well for you both. Regards Diane


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