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Symptoms from the injections

Hi how's everyone feeling?

So I'm injecting the side of my my thighs as the nurse told me to. Better than the stomach apparently.

Been over a week of the menotrophin and 2 days of cetrotide.

The first few days I felt the headaches and the tiredness.

Today (day 7) I'm feeling lower abdominal cramps and my thighs are starting to feel like they are slightly bruised.

My chest does hurt a little. It's like a little sharp pain on the left hand side. Actually it's more near my shoulder.

Oh yeah. Yesterday I was crying. 😭

Anyone feel these pains?

I'm staying relaxed.

Drinking lots of water. Thank god i have the bathroom next door to my bedroom.lol

2 Replies

I've had the bruised thighs, the tiredness, the abdominal cramps plus the hormones!!! OMG the hormones!!!! Don't worry - you are doing absolutely everything you need to be doing!!! x


Im feeling the same.. Abdo cramps are intense.. But I’ve read that it is normal.. so don’t be worrying.. I feel you 😘


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