Wishing I had some symptoms!!

Been wide awake since 3am! OTD is Sunday and I'm just not feeling anything at all. In fact my boobs that are normally bloated & tender just in general (due to cysts) feel deflated and nothingy so the opposite of what pregnant should feel like! My belly a little tender but only because of the amount of bloody trapped air these godforsaken pessaries cause!! And despite the 'air'! My belly bloat has gone to so no sign there!

Would give anything to feel a little sign that our Frostie is still in there. This is my last chance with OE so I'm feeling the pressure 😒

Rant over-gonna try & get some sleep b4 alarm in 2 hours 😩 xxx

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  • Keep believing hunny β€πŸŒˆπŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  • Thank u x won't be long for u now either xxx

  • Ooooo Claudia sorry you awake worrying... Was going whatsap you today being a week after transfer and see how you feeling.. But can see worried... It's a hard one as sometimes you can't tell.. Sending big hugs... Stay strong xxxxx πŸ’‹β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’‹

  • Thanks Hun,I'll text u later xxx

  • Xxxxx

  • My OTD is Tuesday and I haven't had any symptoms either xxx

  • It's so frustrating not knowing isn't it? x

  • It's slowly driving me nuts but going to hold out til OTD xx

  • Stay positive lovely even though I know it's hard xxx

  • Thanks Hun x hope you are doing ok? x

  • I'm ok lovely - thanks for asking xxx

  • Fingers and toes crossed. Try and stay positive..am rooting for you up here xx

  • Thanks honey hope all heading in right direction for you? x

  • Taking a holiday seriously need a break then back at it in june😒xx

  • It's the longest 2 weeks ever!! try and keep busy and stay positive, I know it's hard, I'm finding this time torture too, this is our only frostie so the pressure is on ☹️ you can do this, stay strong πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ€πŸ€žπŸ»β€οΈ xx

  • We are in the same boat aren't we? It's very hard.luckily I haven't got any work til tomoro so I think today I'm going to sleep, watch trash tv and hopefully make the time pass quick! Fingers crossed for both of us xxx

  • Sounds a good plan, rest and look after yourself, I've got to go to a meeting today but I just want to stay home and hide 😩 enjoy your trashy tv xx

  • Keep positive! I haven't really had any symptoms.

    I had cramps Sunday and now starting to get them today but dunno if that's my mind imaging them as AF is due even though they said the meds would stop it coming. My boobs killed last time so I'm convinced it hasn't worked this time because they just feel normal.

    Good luck for Sunday xx

  • It's hard going isn't it!? I think it's the fact that my boobs are doing nothing that's making me think the worst! Hopefully we both still get a BFP x good luck x

  • Yeah definitely! I just keep telling myself that this time it's different drugs etc so I'll react differently. Hope that's true 🀞🏻 xx

  • Most symptoms you get could be those damn pessaries anyway... It's like the manufacturer said: "What symptoms shall we give to go with these drugs? I know! Sore boobs, gripey tummy, twinges in lower tummy, tiredness and headaches...just like pregnancy!"

    I honestly believe we worry if we have twinges, worry if we don't! Hang in there! xx

  • Thanks Hunni!!

    Ps was thinking could u take a cushion for your work chair today to support your back a bit more? May help the aches a bit? x

  • Hahahahahahahahha! Wait! You'll love this! x

  • I just looked!!! Ha ha great minds!!!xxx

  • My test date is Saturday and no symptoms here either.

  • It's tough isn't it? I know a lot of girls still get BFP like this but it would just be so comforting to feel something! Best of luck for Saturday xxx

  • Hun I feel your pain 😌😌 I am only 2 days after transfer and I want to feel something but I feel nothing! Just a few twinges but nothing that screams "I am implanting!!!" But then again I have never experienced that before so I wouldn't know how it feels..... The two weeks wait is definitely the worst. Bring on egg collection pain any day! X

  • Yeah I think 2 days in I felt a few sensations but do mild I really had to concentrate to even notice them! Who knows? Hopefully implantation?! We can only pray!! Best of luck Hunni xxx

  • Thank you! I am going crazy, I think once I'm back at work tomorrow​ I can concentrate on something else apart from my stomach πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ best of luck to you...my test day is 12th June...ages away!! Even after a 5 day transfer x

  • Wow u have a long wait!!! Yes the distraction of work may be a blessing!! Good luck xxx

  • God we worry if we have symptoms and worry if we dont! I was the opposite from you last cycle, sore boobs, cramps....but it was my period starting so all those things are not necessarity good things either!! This all drives us loopy doesnt it?! Hang in there, relax and perhaps get some vitamin D in the sun....if its sunny where you are of course!xx

  • Thanks Hun! Continued success with your treatment to xxx

  • Aww keep thinking positive hun, not everyone is the same you might not get any symptoms. Infact iv seen many posts on here similar to this over the years that have gone on to get a bfp. Keep your chin up, I know it's so hard not to worry and I've been the same in the past during the 2ww. Just try to do things occupy your mind if only for a little while. Sending you lots of hugs and good luck for 0TD. Xxx β€πŸ˜ŠπŸ€

  • Thanks Hun! And continued luck to u this cycle xxx

  • Hi hun

    Please stay positive. I haven't had any symptoms,( I was only bloated and feel uncomfortable only because I have moderate ohss) and I had BFP :) xx

  • Ah thanks Hun that gives me hope! And congratulations xxx

  • I hope you got a bit more sleep after your post. I can imagine how you're feeling. Wishing you much luck for test day X

  • Just dozed a bit-luckily no work today so just waiting for 'the boy' to go to work then I'm gonna try and shut my eyes xxx

    How u doing? x

  • Hey Cloud hang in there! The more I read (and boy, do I ever exhaust Google!) the more it comes up: ladies with symptoms get BFPs and ladies with no symptoms also get BFPs! It's maddening that there is no clear and indisputable sign so don't rule yourself out. I read this morning about a lady on another IVF forum who had zero symptoms - not a sausage - and went on to be pregnant with twins!! Don't stress, you don't yet know how tings will go.

    Hugs to you xxx

  • Thanks for the encouragement honey!!hope ur 2ww goes quickly for u and u get a BFP!!!xxx

  • My 2ww is going in dog years lol. Today has dragged x

  • Omg!same!! I was so tired this morning, I got a few chores done then took myself back to bed but still only dozed! Now I feel good for nothing so just slouching on couch which is bad!!tomorrow work starts to get busy again so hopefully will make time pass quicker!! Next week work is manic-haven't decided whether that's good or bad thing depending on results x

    Are u at work today Button or have u got time off? x

  • I had Thur,Fri and Mon off work so 5 days with the weekend. But came back on Tue but I work in a college and its half term so very quiet this week (too much thinking time) but next week will also be manic.I am not sleeping great either so feel very tired now. Roll on next week to just know xxx

  • Must be the meds that affect the sleep & the worry no doubt!! Fingers crossed we get good news and the manic week ahead is kind to us to x

  • Here's hoping!! Got everything crossed for everyone x

  • Absolutely!! There's quite a lot of us this time!! x

  • Keep the faith I didn't get any sore boobs until a few days before af was meant to arrive. That's a sign for me as I usually get sore boobs right after ovulation xx

  • Thanks Daxi, that does give me hope! Congrats on your new by the way! Amazing xxx

  • Thanks Hun double trouble I have everything crossed for you xxx

  • What an amazing gift to be given! And thank u for your kind words x

  • I hardly had any symptoms in early pregnancy my love. So the absence of symptoms doesn't mean it hasn't worked. Fingers crossed for Sunday! Xx

  • Thanks Hun, that gives me hope!! Hope your bump is progressing nicely xxx

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