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Negative hpt 56hrs after trigger shot



I am on my second round of ivf and took my trigger shot, ovidrel 250, in the early hours on Sunday morning for egg retrieval yesterday (Monday). I did a hpt today just for fun as i know a lot of ladies test it out their system. Now I'm panicking because that test was negative despite it being only 56 hours post trigger - has anyone else had this happen? Is it a reflection on my ability to get pregnant at all? I've never had a positive outcome. Sorry if i sound a bit crazy!

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You don't sound crazy at all, I have never had a trigger shot but all the times I have tested I have never ever got positive for ovulating. I wouldn't read into it that much because you'll only panic yourself and send negative emotions. If you are worried then phone the clinic, im sure they will be able to set you straight! Have you heard how your embbies are getting on? Wishing you all the best xxx

Trekker75 in reply to oharal

Thanks, i know it was a weird q lol.

Only 2 out of 7 fertilised which is the same as i had last time, despite icsi this time. I know i should be happy i have potentially got those two (and i am grateful, of course!) But I'm struggling more as its our last go and i just feel its going the same way as last time which didn't work. Now just have to see if they make it to Thursday!

oharal in reply to Trekker75

Keep thinking positively honey, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. Its such a hard time and of course that worry of being the last time etc but have faith. Its different this time, visualise them being two strong embies and that by Christmas you do have your miracle xx

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