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IVF Over 50-connections please/advice on clinics

Please can you help? I am a 53 year old UK and underwent egg donation 3 years ago at Embio Greece. It failed but I have other frozen eggs stored and was intent on going back to have these implanted.

However, I was most uncomfortable with the treatment there as it seemed questionable/suspect and subsequent other reviews have confirmed this..

Also meds I was given were deemed dangerous by another independent doctor.

Can anyone please help-regarding reliable clinics? Also connecting with women over 50 with or hoping for IVF?

Do you know please, anywhere/websites etc I can go to get reliable reviews of EMBIO ATHENS GREECE ivf-embryo.gr/

Or Cyprus-which appears more transparent cyprusfamagustaivf.com/

Therefore does your organisation have a forum I could ask advice about- these 2 options?

Would welcome any' friends' similar age for advice also please as very isolated with situ.

Please any websites or related orgs whom I could contact before going ahead? Would appreciate this please given am very pushed by my age and need to attend to asap.

Also-finally-due to endometriosis and other failed attempts at IVF-having spent 1000s on IVF-wondered if anyone knows of any financial assistance for single women-with IVF attempt at last egg donation. Requiring approx £6000? (Given age, I acknowledge-unlikely).

PLEASE can you private email me a reply as well.



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Hi, the website fertilityfriends has a dedicated forum on clinics and one for ladies over 50.

All the best


Hi, you can't have treatment in Greece now as they only treat up to your 51st birthday.

Albania treat up to 53.

Otherwise your options are northern Cyprus or the Ukraine.

Both countries have less regulation than EU countries ( the flip side of why they will treat beyond "reproductive age").

Good luck with your journey.

X x


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