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Shortlist of 3 Spanish clinics - any advice?


So we've finally got our choices down to 3 after contacting 10 clinics about egg donation. We plan to Skype them to see who we like the sound of although some charge even for this initial consult.

Just wondered if anyone had any personal experience and you could PM me any details.

Our list is: IVF Barcelona, Irema and Insitute Marques.



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Will dm you xx

Hi Mantaray75.

I can’t advise, but I wanted to wish you the very best with everything ☺️❤️❤️❤️xoxo

Mantaray75 in reply to jess1981

Thanks lovely. This rollercoaster never ends eh!

Sorry to hear you're having troubles post-op.


jess1981 in reply to Mantaray75

Oh I know doesn’t it just?! 🤦🏼‍♀️

I’m feeling better thank you; the scab has fallen off and the stitches were underneath as suspected and have fallen out. It’s no longer painful 🙌🏻but I will continue to finish the course of antibiotics to ensure infection goes 😀 xoxo

We used IVF Barcelona, DM me x

No dir experiences, but a few friends of mine have been happy with Insitute Marques and IVF Barcelona. You would also find additional info on eggdonationfriends. Good luck

Mantaray75 in reply to alockie

Thanks. Its so hard to choose and living in NZ we don't have the option of visiting to see what they are like. I would prefer Barcelona over Alicante but I can't base the decision on that!


Have you looked at the website ‘egg donation friends’? If not I recommend it, it compares clinics within countries, across certain criteria. Good luck!

no advice sorry (other than Barcelona itself is lovely!!) but recognised your name from a while back and wanted to wish you all the best. Xxx

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