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Anyone used BMI Chelsfield?

Hi All,

I’ve been lurking for a while since my last posts as my life has completely changed and I’m now starting my fertility journey again but single this time!

Just wanted to say congratulations to all that have got your BFP or even gone on to have your beautiful babies and for those that have suffered losses I’m extremely sorry.

I’m looking to start another (final) round of IVF (funded) and was wondering if anyone had used BMI Chelsfield and what were your views? I know we can’t post about specific clinics so I would really appreciate a DM regarding this or any other recommendations around the central/SE London area if possible please?

Thanks ladies, looking forward to being more involved in this fantastic forum again in the upcoming months and thanks for all of your support already along this long journey.

Good luck for 2018 everyone I hope your dreams come true x

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Hi, I can’t offer you any advice about that particular clinic but just wanted to wish you the very best of luck for 2018 x

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Thank you very much Dunla x


Hi Goodthingscome. Would anyone mentioning clinics in their reply, please do so by private message, as it is advertising. Thanks. Diane


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