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Ivf glasgow royal fertility clinick

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hi everyone.i am 41 and we started ivf at glasgow royal ( private) my husband sperm test 100% fine i have just low hormone level.so we started.i got my prostap injection 16th november and at same day we both had blood tests.i had period 24th november.one week latter hot a phone call from hospital.my husband positive on hepatitis b im not.so..glasgow clinick sent us to Dundee.we came to Dundee 27th december and got surprise...Glasgow clinick did not sent no any our tests no results nothing :((( now is January 2018 i tried to email and call to Glasgow clinick no one nurse call me back no replies on emails..about prostap injection-still from16th november i have everyday headaches.sweat.sickness and i don't still have my period.no one nurse and doctor even explain me what's will be happen after this prostap injection.awfull service and for that need pay £5000 :((

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Thank you.i hope you get there.good luck.i hear abou Eva clinic in Spain.there even no waiting list


It’s not unusual not to have a period after a prostrap injection as far as I know.

You can ask your GP about the hepatitis B results.

If you feel the hospital are treating you badly then I would send an email complaint if you can’t get through by phone.

Good luck.

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