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Update following a bad start to the year just yesterday

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Ladies, thank you all so much for your words of support and well wishes! You honestly get me through!

So we’ve had the most horrific 24hours but I’m pleased to say Baby is fine!

I can’t remember the term that the consultant used but essentially the bleed came from just outside the sack and measures about 2/3cm in size. I’ve been told to rest but the bleeding has now stopped however I have to be careful!

Can’t believe it!! Me and my husband are so relieved and the consultant said she would scan us again in 2weeks time! The hospital today were brilliant!!

Thanks again ladies! Let’s hope our journey is a little smoother here on out!


26 Replies
Beebeestar profile image

So glad to hear this. What great news! Take it easy my dear and rest. So happy 😀

E_05 profile image

Brilliant news, glad all is well x

NsKaz profile image

Thank goodness! That’s fab news xx

Lou7744 profile image

That’s great news! Hope you are able to rest up xx

So happy for you hun xx

Cinderella5 profile image

Oh I'm so delighted for you!! Lots of hugs!! Yeyyyyy!xxx

That’s great news! Xx

katya38 profile image

Fantastic news xx

Pip89 profile image

Fab news!! I’ve been checking throughout the day to see if you had any updates xx

Bet you’ve had such a fright, hope get some time to relax and chill, hope hubby is spoiling you 😊 x

Excellent to hear the bleed was outside the sac and that they will be keeping a close eye on you xx

Gem1982 profile image

So pleased that your baby is ok, it must be such a relief, take care of yourself x

stephkp profile image

What a relief for you both. Fab news xx

Lolepops profile image

Really happy for you . What a relief xx

Gillyc1 profile image

Ahhhh brilliant. Been thinking of you all day . So happy for you xxxx

_MrsC profile image

Oh fantastic! So pleased for you! xxx

TTCs profile image

YES!!!!! So happy to read this news. Brilliant 😘

destiny121 profile image

Amazing news... rest up and relax xx

sk85 profile image

So pleased for you. Take care of yourself hun x

LHow81 profile image

So pleased to be reading this. Take care and fingers crossed for a smooth ride from here on x

Staceq profile image

Great news!

vic77 profile image

yipeee..great news now rest up xxxx

Amanda86 profile image

So pleased all is well 🙂 xxx

karinacollin profile image

hello there. Well what is more great than that now. You have successful visit. It is the best thing. I am really happy to see that it is really helpful for you. Don't hesitate about asking anything ever. Just ask whatever you want to ask. It's really great to help you. The more best thing is you became successful. Best of luck for future dear.

amandagrey profile image

Your consultant is doing great job. Yes it's a good news, You guys can do this. I wish you and your family good luck. Keep visiting your doctor and follow the proper instructions. And thanks to you it's always informative to talk with you.

juliacurio profile image

Hello Chantelle.All your life you were learning how to be a good human being. Pregnancy will teach you how to be a good mother. Congratulations.Blessed is the mother who brings forth all the goodness she can carry.Congratulations for entering a period of life when you will have no periods.Congratulations Mom to be! During this special phase of your life take care and relax.

Sarahbbb profile image

Hello Chantelle89!!!! I am happy for you that you have your baby safe. You have beard a lot of pains and troubles. I can imagine through which situation you have had gone. It’s really a terrific and troublesome phase. You know every woman has to go through a specific critical condition. Be patient and thanks to GOD after facing much pain you got fruit. Some woman faces troubles and at the end they got nothing. Enjoy your time with your baby. May this baby bring happiness to your life and proves a good and caring child of you. Cheers’!!!!!

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