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PCOS levels

Hi ladies, so I had some blood work done for my pcos. My levels came back at free testosterone is high at 7 (normal range is 0-4) and I had low sex hormone binding globulin. I wondered if anyone has had any success improving these levels and if so have you any suggestions? 3 years ttc and not even so much as a successful ovulation with medication. I develop no follicles at all without meds, and when i do take meds I completely over respond! So fed up now

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Hi I’m not sure how much I can help you. I was told after an ultrasound that I had pcos but never had any blood tests. I was given clomid which helped with ovulation but made my lining to thin. I then went on to tamoxifen and that worked for me. We tried iui three times which unfortunately was unsuccessful. But after one ivf try we got our bfp so stay positive. I don’t know much about pcos and how people differ from each other as doctors didn’t really explain much. I hope everything works out for you. It’s amazing what fertility doctors can do these days. Thinking of you xx


Thank You, yeah pcos is quite complex. Unfortunately they still won't allow me to try IVF as they believe eventually I will respond how they want me too. I have already had 2 rounds of clomid and 7 rounds of ovulation induction with gonal f and had laptops topic ovarian drilling and metformin. I'm wanting to try reduce my testosterone naturally, improve my insulin resistance and hopefully this may help me concieve naturally and if not it will help with the meds


I was diagnosed with PCOS last year. My side effects were disregarded by my OB/GYN for months... At the point when my manifestations came excessively extreme, making it impossible to persevere. I was draining extremely, in so much torment, and could scarcely remain cognizant. Fortunately, my awesome spouse requested I see another doctor, who was prescribed by an associate. My new OB/GYN knew precisely what it was and begun treatment quickly. I had 2 vast growths evacuated, ovarian penetrating, and was put on Metformin. . Around 8 months after my treatment began, there was little progress, and my doctor let me know I'd probably never be conceive. But i made excellent progress afterwards , I was pregnant! I now express gratitude toward God consistently for my valuable blessing that I never thought I'd have. Perhaps you can also get a second opinion from another doctor too?

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Thank you, I have seen many different doctors and I am currently partaking im a clinical trial for another diabetic medication to see whether it will benefit someone with insulin resistant PCOS. Hopefully it will, however I'm at a point now where having treatment is normal and I see no end too it. I could do with losing some weight however I'm not obese. Ideally 2 stone, it's just so difficult to do! Need to get my head into it and get on with it though as that's also supposed to help lower testosterone. The doctors are lacking in suggestions if anything because I respond so erratically. I'm hoping now I'm 22 that they may consider allowing IVF as I will qualify now. Illbjabe to wait until after my next round of treatment first to find out. Xx


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