Fingers crossed for day 2 transfer

Well its a miracle but both eggs fertilised overnight.

Consultant rang and doesn't want to take any chances so I'm having transfer of both tomorrow. It seems really early but the result could have been worse.

Am so pleased I made my husband hold off the booze and take supplements even though he moaned.

Just hoping the little ones make it through the night.

Thanks for all your support ladies.


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  • Good luck! Fingers crossed for you! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • brilliant news and best of luck for tomorrow! Those little embryos are better off back in their cosy home 😊 xxx

  • Great news! Good luck! X

  • Wonderful news. I think personally that embryos are much better off in you sooner -it's their natural environment. All the best with the transfer. With all the things us women have to go through-men really do moan over the smallest of things! πŸ’•

  • Beautiful! So happy for you. Fingers crossed they are sticky ones for you xxx

  • I'm back on the brazil nuts and pineapple for extra stickiness!

  • Congratulations dear...I had 2 day trasfer at my first cycle n I ws pregnant but happened to hav chemical miscarriage...again I had 2dt at fet n nw I m 5weeks 2dt obviously work bcz our little one goes to the perfect place early where they should b....Good luck for your bfp....

  • Hoping your pregnancy is going along well. x

  • I saw blood while wiping on Saturday so today I hv blood test...aftr that no bleeding..I believe everything is well...Thank u.

  • Best place for them is back inside you. Good Luck xxx

  • Ah amazing!! Good luck xxx

  • Everything crossed for your two little embies! Eat warm foods and keep your feet warm :)

  • Congratulations! Fingers crossed!!

  • Good luck xx

  • That's great, Im so pleased you got some good news!! Fingers crossed for you!x

  • This is very good news mantary. My wife's going through the injections now. We started yesterday so hopefully EC will be next week. Wishing you best of luck

  • Yay that's great news!! Fingers crossed they continue to develop well and you get your BFN πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ x

  • I know its hard do hold up get you gotta be patient, you dont need to stress right at this point. I truly trust you get BFP and will have cute kids running around house joyfully. So good you dont need to face infertility, it's so crushingly discouraging. Fingers crossed for you girl!xx

  • Hope you are pregnant! Hope you will have charming small human soon. So sad that a lot of ladies can't have their own children because of various reasons, trust our healthcare will take care of it soon. Well done once more, fingers crossed for you!

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