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Our little bean ⚠️Warning Photo Attached⚠️


Morning all. Hope your all doing ok.

So yesterday we had our early scan at the clinic. Measuring correct at 7w4days. Saw the heartbeat and feel so relieved now we have seen it and everything is ok.

Next scan will be at 12weeks. Signed off from clinic now so rang doctors yesterday and booked first midwife appointment for 25th April. Feels more real now and just can’t believe the whole treatment worked 1st time. I know how lucky we are 🙏🏼 xxx

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Congratulations! Happy pregnancy for you both 🙏🙏


Hi Aame7800. Looks well implanted to me! Lovely scan, fully detailed. Hope all continues ok and look forward to seeing the next scan. Diane

Congratulations lovely.💖😘

Congratulations! I can wait to go for my scan (on Thursday!) I will see so much better for seeing that little embryo in the right place!

All the best for the future xxx


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