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Hi All

I have a query I hope you are able to help me with...i had acupuncture on my second failed ICSI cycle....then didn't for the two successful (1 misscarrage and one chemical pregnancy) cycles but have been hearing great things again so started again last week. I am due to have one session each week until transfer (Hopefully 2nd week of jan) and on the day before and after as I did last time. Although the whole series of treatment I had last time felt like nothing was happening....i really wasn't convinced it had any effect and as I got a negative result doubted the whole thing tbh. This time I am with a traditional Chinese doctor whereas the last was an English lady who practiced at home. My first session hurt quite alot so I'm hoping this time it'll have an effect. My question is that I've always thought having acupuncture I'm in the lead up then twice on transfer day was the way to go however last night I stumbled across this article which implys that having a one off treatment after transfer got the best results....what do you think?


Thanks lovelies xx

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I think acupuncture can have many good effects. I had it in my OE cycles and Im positive it helped with improving my lining, follicles and relaxation. I also had it on the day of transfer and after. I started out with a Chinese medicine acupuncturist and not convinced he was that great. I went to a lady at her house the next time that had a special interest in fertility acupuncture having had fertility issues herself and felt she was much more thorough so defo go for someone that does fertility acupuncture. I think there is good evidence for having treatment throughout the cycle if you can afford it rather than just the one off treatment. Best of luck!xx


Hi. I think the evidence for acupuncture is not that strong, but there is some. I did it before and after transfer and after some of my clinic appointments... the main thing for me was it helped keep me mentally sane! I think just some 'time out' with someone caring and time to relax or 'process' was as important anything else.

At least it was relaxing, until on one occasion hubby got convinced I'd been kidnapped by axe murderer and when I was a bit late coming out, was on doorstep looking bug eyed with hair on end and we ended up arguing at each other!!!


Thank you. We're you successful with your cycle? I do have some thoughts that maybe it's the time out that helps rather than the treatment but with my first attempt I felt nothing at all....this doctor seems to be better in the sense that it hurt last week....it's in a really busy shop so not overly relaxing xx


Hi, not successful I'm afraid. I think if there was REALLY good evidence it worked, the clinics would be doing it to help their success rates, as cheap, safe, relaxing and most people like it. However, it MIGHT help and it won't do any harm and I think the emotional help for me is a real biggie, I have never had it in a shop like u describe! Time out, nice person w listening ears and warm heart is a big thing in my book... I found somewhere just 5mins walk from clinic and it was a lifesaver. I had a bit of a rollercoaster w the clinic so it was good to be able to have a good moan at someone other than poor hubby, and they'd be suitably outraged then say lots of calming Zen like things while popping needles in and leave me in quiet under a heat lamp for a bit. Marvellous calming effects and floated out each time... but I think more due to them/quiet/time out than acupuncture points...but I could be wrong! And who knows? It might help w implantation... but I wouldn't get too worried finding the right person etc...except they should know the points that were used in the study that seemed to show it helped. And find nice person w quiet room! Good luck xxx


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