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2ww bleeding 11 days post transfer

Tomorrow (Tuesday) would be my due date for my period, 11 days after embryo transfer, on Thursday I’m due the tests to see if it was successful. I don’t have much hope as started spotting light pink and brown Saturday night, Sunday very small amount, but last night got red, and today got red too, have lower cramps but very light, all day, nausea, the bleeding is not heavy like a proper period but there is quiet a bit, maybe it looks like more because of the pessaries. 4 days after embryo transfer I had sudden pulling feeling, had days of extreme fatigue on and off and weakness, and nausea today, really thought I had all the symptoms. Usually when I do get my period it’s super heavy and I get severe stomach ache that leaves me in bed and don’t have that. Not sure if implantation bleeding happens around the time your suppose to get period or not. Has anyone had bleeding while waiting then became pregnant? I’m not going to test as I prefer to wait until Thursday.

Have googled lots but some people had bleeding and some not with pregnancy. Thanks :) xx

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Hi so sorry to hear that your bleeding in your 2WW. My OTD is Wednesday but my period started 4dp5dt. As this bleeding is different to your usual period hopefully it is implantation bleeding. Don’t give up hope and I will have everything crossed for you on Thursday. X

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Our daughter had a full on proper AF including her normal cramping that started 7dpt, it was her first transfer after ICSI and she told me that she knew she was out as she 'knows her own body'. Her AF lasted a full 5 days, was completely normal for her and a test gave her a BFN on 9dpt.

She tested again on her OTD, as was required by her clinic, and was completely thrown as she got a BFP!

She did several more tests and got BFP's every time and her 6, 12 and 20 week scans have found everything to be fine despite her having another few days of bleeding at 10 weeks, she is now 21 weeks and has found out she is carrying our new Grandson.

Don't give up hope yet, I'm keeping everything crossed for you 🤞🏼🌹xxxx

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I'm sorry to hear about your bleeding. I also have bleeding exactly as your described 9dp5dt till day 11. Also with nausea and the other symptoms you said . It was so scarey , stressful, worrying all these at the same time but even with stories of bleeding for many women I was still worried. So I know how you feel. Just make sure you are taking it easy and put your feet up (physically) and try to occupy your mind. That's what I done. The bleeding stopped and my now my hcg was still going up so I'm waiting for my 6 week scan next week all the best.

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