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5 week scan - what to expect?

Hi I have my first scan on Friday which I work out to be 5 weeks pregnant. Just wondering what I can expect from it? Will I be able to see anything other than a black dot? Will I be able to hear a heartbeat? Will they give me a due date? Any advice on what to expect would be appreciated as would like to go with my expectations set and not be disappointed if there's no heartbeat yet etc!

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They usually say about 6 weeks to see the heartbeat but they might be able to check if there’s a sac and fetal pole x


In my case, i only saw small black dot and for heartbeat we can see flipping image 🙂

For due date, we can know after second scan xx


My 5 weeks scan l seen the sac but not much else. I’m going next week for a 7 week scan so hope to see more then.


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