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Don't know what to expect :(

Hi ladies, for those of you who saw my post a few days ago I'm new to all of this, but I'm on the waiting list for Ivf. I literatly have no idea what to expect with the whole process. I didn't even know I had to give myself these injections until the other day.... Do they hurt? Where do you inject? I know deep down I will do what ever it takes to be able to start our little family, but I'm so nervous about it. I thought it was good news when I got told about having IVF, but now I'm just getting a bit worked up about it all. I probably sound like a right wimp haha!! Any reassurance will be greatly appreciated xxx

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Hi Emma, I'm afraid I can't be much help with IVF but I just wanted to try and reassure you a little. I'm sure you will be talked through every single step that needs to be taken. Just take it one thing at a time. You don't sound like a wimp... You sound very normal. It is a bug thing to go through but you will be well supported by doctors and nurses.

Hope that helps a tiny bit xx


I was worried about the injections and cried during our injection training. The nurse suggested she did an injection so I would know it wasn't as bad as I was thinking, she was right the injections in your tummy are fine and don't hurt. I got my hubby to mix up the Menopur as the larger mixing needle gave me the creeps. Don't do them if you're watching something funny! The injection sites can get a bit sore but they tell you to inject in alternate sides of your tummy, I tended to use one side as it was easier for me. Remember to follow the clinic's instructions and grab a handful of tummy before you inject and let go as you take the needle out.

I had progesterone injections in my bum, hubby did these they hurt more as they're intramuscular but are over quickly.

Good luck, wishing you every success.


Hello! I am mid way through our first cycle of IVF so have been injecting for just over a week. I was told to inject in my tummy (below the belly button) or top of my thigh. So far I've gone with the tummy. I can honestly say it has been absolutely fine so far. I even did one in the restaurant loo when I was out for dinner last Saturday (I was very proud of myself - lol!). There's a slight nip when the needle goes in and it does feel strange to be doing it but I honestly think you will be fine!

Best of luck x


P.s. Just try to take it be day at a time and don't think too far into the future! Good luck x


Your reaction is normal Iv just had my second cycle and the injections still make me upset it’s not easy but we are strong and the end will be worth it xx stay strong

Injecting will become second nature and I don’t like needles

And depending on it protocol times flies

All the best


Hey dnt worry bout the injections they r fine. Hubby used to make them up n i would inject.. the 1st one is a lil period and scary i think i sat with the needle 4 few mins thinking OMG howam i gonna do this. But once done was fine and i remember crying cuz i was so proud.

Please dnt let the injections stop u doing things.. by the end of it i had injected myself in some crazylocation


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