Barcelona clinic gives new hope

Hi everyone just wanted to post a bit of a hopeful update having just been to a new clinic in Barcelona. There a few things they do which were never even mentioned in my London clinic. 1 ERA this test is like a dummy cycle when they take a sample of the womb to see which day transfer should be carried out. 2. The embryos go into an embryoscope where they are watched all the time not just every few days. 3 They test all embryos for their chromsonal quality to ensure they don’t do transfers with embryos that have little chance of success. Overall I was really impressed with the clinic and the doctor just seems far more up to date with current developments. She also wants to take out a polyp which has been there forever and all my uk doctors have said is no big deal. And my heart shaped uterus is being corrected to make the top a straight line something which I am now told could be an issue. I feel on one hand quite let down as I am no longer likely to have success with my own eggs so I am opting for DE but on the other hand I am trying to just feel positive that coming to Spain has been a great new chapter in the long and hard journey which has taken up my 30’s and may continue for a couple of years yet. My fiend is 43 and just had success in the same clinic so I am taking comfort that at 40 - tomorrow - I will get there please god. Sending happy vibes to all ladies in the 2ww and those waiting for treatment or thinking about trying and those with babies on the way xxx

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  • Thank you for sharing your post! First of all I must agree your in the best place in the world there, and I mean in the world, not sure which clinic your at and I know we’re not suppose to mention names on here, but my boyfriends parents who are both doctors in Menorca have told me that they have the best rated clinics in the world in Barcelona, I searched into this too and found articles online, and from own health experience with diagnosing endometriosis I got diagnosed there too, the health system is excellent and they really do things properly and thoroughly. (I used to live in Barcelona, ended moving back to England where I am from, but after getting rushed into hospital various times and having so many issues with endometriosis symptoms and getting turned away/not getting anywhere I went to barcelona on holiday to see doctors there and ended up moving back for a little while) they were excellent!

    Im currently living in Switzerland and they are excellent here too, but more expensive, so, while I was having my embryo transferred we were chatting about Spain and they mentioned that a lot of Swiss people go to Valencia or Barcelona where they have the top clinics. So This info about clinics in barcelona is coming from various sources, I have a lot of hope for you and got my fingers crossed! :) xx

  • Thank you so much for your reply and Well wishes that is really kind of you hope your journey leads to success xxx

  • Thank you xx

  • Happy big birthday for tomorrow! Xx

  • Thanks for sharing ur Experience. It's like a ray of hope for people like us who've tried everything and now might go take d de route . Can you please pm me some more details .

    And hope Uve a wonderful year ahead and all ur wishes come true 😘😘

  • Just wanted to say happy birthday for tomorrow and good luck with your treatment in Barcelona, everything sounds very positive.

    We have also been having treatment at a clinic in Barcelona and find them so much more knowledgable and willing to do what it takes to make it work.

    We are coming to the end of our IVF journey now though, we have one frozen DE embryo left which we are looking to transfer sometime in the new year and then we’ve decided to stop for financial reasons. Keeping everything crossed for our little frosty though!

    Will look forward to reading about your journey and hopefully your good news in a few months! Xxx

  • Hi Star1976 thanks for your good wishes. I’ll be keeping everything crossed for your little embie, it only takes one and a little bit of good luck. I am preparing myself for this being the last attempt and already living in the knowing that I can be happy and fulfilled without a baby even though I think it will be really hard when and if I first have to accept that. It’s so hard but I try to list all the good things to be happy about xxx

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