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So frustrating

After wanting a positive line on a pregnancy test for so long after my managed miscarriage three weeks ago today I’ve still have a positive pregnancy test this morning.

I rang the early pregnancy unit like they said and have an appointment tomorrow. Does anybody have any experience of what happened to them that they would share with me? The line is on a first response it’s light but still there.

Thanks xx

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hi, firstly so sorry for your loss. I posted something similar after my medically managed miscarriage in the summer. I rang the EPU and they weren't concerned. Someone else on this forum told me it will be a good few weeks before all the hormones leave your body but you've done the right thing and best to take advice from the professionals. Sending hugs xx


It’s three weeks today how long does it take? So sorry this has happened to you too. I just want to move on. X

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I think I tested 2 wks after I found out baby had died because that's what the hospital told me but when I rang epu they said I needed to test 2 wks after the medical management. I never did another test and my period came another few weeks after that. As I said, the hospital weren't concerned as they weren't after my other 2 mcs. When I lost twins naturally at 12 wks they never even asked me to go in 😞


The hospital said I had to see the consultant I’m not sure why. I’m not running a temp or feeling unwell. I’m concerned I still may need a d and c.


hope its ok. It's only normal to worry. I was told your body will tell you if something's wrong. Maybe they're just erring on side of caution


Hi sorry to hear about your loss. A quick question from what I picked from your conversation. Was it medically managed? If yes, you might still have the pregnancy tissue in you.

My test came back negative after 2 weeks past surgical management and 4 weeks past medical management.

I wish you well and hope you feel better soon. I can understand the frustration. The two lines we strive so hard to get is the same two lines we want gone as soon as possible. What an irony of life.


Yes it was medically managed. Have my appointment tomorrow so just trying not to worry about it too much. X


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