Flu jab?

Hello, not been on here since loosing our little one in May but in the new year we will be having another go at trying to achieve our dream of a baby! In the meantime, my doctors wish me to have a flu jab? Have contemplated it a lot due to being very poorly the 1st time I had it 7 yrs ago and haven't bothered since, so would it be wise to have it? Not on any treatment yet due to start February time, thanks in advance for any advice xx

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  • Hi Sunnysam91. My advice would be to have it. Each year the vaccine is made up of the 3 most prevalent flu viruses. Hopefully, none of them will affect you this year. It could be that you were”cooking” up something when you had your previous jab?? Who knows. Good luck with whatever you decide. Diane

  • I’m 12 weeks pregnant and have just had my first ever flu jab as advised by my gp and midwife. I’ve always been reluctant to have it but went with the professional advice as overall they know what’s best. If you’ve been advised to have it I’d go for it x

  • It’s not a live vaccine so other than a little bit of tiredness for 24 hours and a sore arm, it won’t make you ill. It will however take between 10 and 14 days to develop immunity, therefore you may still run the risk of becoming ill during this time.

  • Yes have the flu jab. I had mine in November. Good luck with your plans

  • Why don’t you talk to your GP about it to see whether you can find out why you may have been so ill last time and see if you can get any assurances that you are unlikely to have the same reaction this time round? Even if you decide not to it could help you make up your mind.

  • I would get it, if you take it during pregnancy it can be really harmful to you and baby, I took a flu like reaction 10days after mine, but feeling poorly for a few days is nothing compared to risking losing my baby to a deadly flu 😘 xx

  • I'm just over 12 weeks and had my first ever flu jab 2 days ago, I started reading online and found how not having the flu jab can effect the baby and how dangerous not having it can be. Xx

    Go with the professionals advice and the nurses and drs would know so much more than us. Xx

  • They recommend it when pregnant ( I had it and was ill after and then I found out about miscarriage so I connect the two) but I think if you can have it before you were pregnant then it would be a good idea x

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