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prolactin levels and recurrent implantation failure

Hi all

Been reflecting on our IVF journey so far.

Despite good response to stuns and good quality embryos and blastocysts ... we have been unsuccessful

I have worked hard to ensure my TSH level is less than 2 (0.7 last test)

How ever I am now wondering whether my prolactin level is having an impact ? I have had hyperprolactinanaemia for many years - been on cabergoline for many years ... suspected pituitary adenoma ?

Anyone got any experience of this or advice to give ??


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I'm so sorry to hear about your struggle with conceiving. :( Hyperprolactinaemia does affect implantation. I met with a lady during my IVF (another patient) who had this problem. Waiting in line helps you make friends and we did get a chance talk a bit about our respective problems. As per her, she had high prolactin too. Some hormonal balancing supplement (Zinc if I remember it correctly) with foods rich in fibre and green tea to detox her system for 3 months. She did mention yoga too and that was around 18-20 weeks I saw her having healthy baby thereafter. Sharing this info in hope that it might help you too. Talk to your doctor about the supplements and stuff - hopefully, it will work. Sending baby dust!

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Hi Silvercloud88. Maybe time to speak to your GP about being referred/re-referred to an endocrinologist to check out your hormones thoroughly again. I assume you were scanned for a pituitary tumour, if your prolactin was really high?? Although they often don't do that unless you have other symptoms. Hopefully if you can get reassessed, they may come up with a different treatment strategy for you. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thank you - yes I will be contacting my endocrinologist to see the best way forward. I had an MRI in 2006 but not since .... suspected microadenoma.


Good to hear you will contact him/her, and hope a way forward is found. Diane

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