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Melt down.short protocol ivf


Hi everyone!! Just want to see if any one else has had a melt down like this. We had a couple of friends round and they brought their 5 year old daughter with them. Their daughter was full of cold and I knew she couldn’t help it but I’ve just started on ivf short protocol and just really didn’t want to catch it as I thought it would ruin my chances. I cried my eyes out and went upstairs, I couldn’t come back down. I know it sounds silly but I just didn’t want anything to ruin my chances. Has any one been through anything similar xx

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Yeah I understand the worry.I think my immunity might be slightly better atm if it is any consolation. Went to stay with SILs who was really snotty/cold and both her kids were. My wife got ill but Ive been ok touch wood (this was a couple of weeks ago during 2ww). I normally get every cold going! Just wash your hands a lot, dont touch your face with your hands, try not to sit next to ill people, eat healthily and if you start crying (which I seem to be doing all the time- blame the hormones!) Try not to worry (stress wont help!) there is only so much you can do to avoid viruses aside from living in a bubble Xx

Thanks for your reply. I went round with sanitizer after they left. I felt terrible, as I didn’t want them to know we were going through ivf so had to make up a story. Hope everything is going well for you both xx

V early days but had bfp last week :) We are doing reciprocal ivf and most people know so at least I don't have to create excuses for the crying, really feel for you- best of luck xx

Congratulations 😀hope everything goes well for you. I just didn’t want people asking how Ivf went in case it’s not good news. But staying positive. Take care xx


My mum has a chest injection at the moment and I live with my parents at the minute (doing ivf on my own), I have been panicking all week about getting a chest infection, my Hypnotherapist said I’m more likely to get it if I worry about it! So instead I have been taking lots of vitamin c and making sure there is lots of air circulation in the house, and honestly going to bed early to avoid the germs!

Thank you for your reply. Will try and get plenty of fresh air as well then when I’m not at work. So hard not to think about catching colds and other germs. Xx

Oh dear! I'm so sorry that you've had to be in such a situation. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure if they get to know why you did it they'll only understand how hard it was for you to do it. When having a child becomes the top priority and you're struggling with it - it's expected that you won't take chances. Not even if you had to drop your courteousness for the sake of the baby. It's okay, once your IVF succeed everything will be alright. Sending hugs and lots of good luck! :)

Thank you so much for your reply. It’s so nice to hear from people that understand. It’s been such a rubbish year what with this going on and loosing so many loved ones just need something good to happen. Keeping everything crossed now. Xx

I had a cold from not long after starting injections, through the scans, EC and ET!! Bad timing on my part but the clinic said it was fine and shouldn't effect the outcome.. I'm currently on the 2ww and better but think it took longer to shake off because of everything my body was going through.. I can understand your worries, you could do without anything else to stress you out at this time. Good luck xx

Thank you. I suppose we all just want to look after ourselves. Keeping everything crossed for you. Xx


no its not silly at all. Its because you want this so badly you don't want anything to get in your way.

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